Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Share a summary of what you want feedback on and ask your peers for specific feedback. This is essentially your opportunity to access the collective wisdom of the class to improve your pro | Wridemy

Share a summary of what you want feedback on and ask your peers for specific feedback. This is essentially your opportunity to access the collective wisdom of the class to improve your pro

Share a summary of what you want feedback on and ask your peers for specific feedback. This is essentially your opportunity to access the collective wisdom of the class to improve your pro


Peer Feedback 

For this assignment, please update the final pap.. template with your work thus far. Then, please share a summary of what you want feedback on and ask your peers for specific feedback. This is essentially your opportunity to access the collective wisdom of the class to improve your project.

The goal for this forum is two-fold, 1) for each of you to get some very useful feedback and 2) for you to develop the kind of collegial high-feedback environment you hope your place of employment to be.

You will be evaluated on the number of posts as you have conversations with your colleagues (please check often to continue the conversation) and the quality of that conversation. Respond to those that reply to your post. Follow up with those that you commented on. You must initially reply to a minimum of three classmates and continue the conversation with at least two of those classmates throughout the week where possible.

Attach, paste, or add a link of what you want your peers to evaluate and offer you kind critical feedback on. Ask specific questions in your post to help those that want to offer feedback, e.g. "I would like to scale my project bigger in the future and talk about that in my discussion. Any suggestions of a population I could extend this project into helping?" You can add in things like "critical feedback welcome" which opens the door for additional helpful suggestions from peers on ways the project can become even better.  

Note: you must post first before you can reply to others. 

Template for your post (copy & paste in):

Project Title: (should be here AND in your thread title for easy sorting)

Project Summary:

Attached: (what's attached or you can paste something you want feedback on here or include a link of what you're working on)

Questions for peers (at least 3 solid questions to spark feedback):

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[Your Name]

[Instructor Name]

IDS 4939


[Title]: [Subtitle]


In your introductory section, ensure that you are clearly stating your research problem and focus, delivering a succinct and clear explanation of your topic. Why are you interested in this topic? Why is the topic important or why should a reader care about your topic? You will also need to state your research question(s) or wondering.

GEP Connection

In the (General Education Program) GEP connection section, ensure that you are connecting your experiences in and out of the classroom to your research topic. What classes in your GEP program or other undergraduate coursework piqued your interest in this topic? What life and academic experiences connect to this topic? How do your “past” experiences tie in with your “present” research and your “future” plans?

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is your main argument, answering your initial research questions. It should be a statement that is not a well-accepted fact, but something where there are multiple viewpoints on the topic (which is why the research you are conducting is needed). It is expected that your thesis statement submission in your final project submission will have evolved from your initial thesis statement submission based on subsequent work, research, and analysis.

Sources & Evidence

Within this section, summarize your research findings. You must include a minimum of 10 high-quality, credible references from multiple disciplines, including two primary sources (e.g., first-person interviews, personal communication, etc.), six or more peer-reviewed chapters/articles, with the remainder of your sources high-quality and credible. Ensure that a significant number of your research sources are published within the last 10 years. As a reminder, you are demonstrating skillful use of high quality, credible, relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate for the discipline and genre of the writing.

Use your sources or literature to outline significant discoveries, findings, key concepts and/or theories about your topic or research questions, identify gaps or inconsistencies in research, and future directions. In brief, use the literature to describe the landscape of what’s has been done/researched around your topic.


In your conclusion, you bring your paper together, restating your thesis with a summary of how it was supported by your research while making interdisciplinary, thought-provoking connections. As a reminder, in this section and the remainder of your narrative in this paper, you are delivering all information necessary for your reader to understand the issue/problem to be considered critically.


Revisit the goals you set in your Project Design assignment. Did you meet all of those short-term goals through this project? Why or why not? How will this project continue to inform the long-term goals you set? Do any of your goals need to evolve based on what you learned this semester through this project and your final undergraduate coursework? What is your plan to continue your personal evolution as a scholar, leader, and Knight?

Social Change Connection

As a reminder, your assignment was to be a Past-Present-Future assignment where the PAST is the connection to your GEP journey, the PRESENT is your current research this semester. The FUTURE element is your answer to the question, “what are you going to do with this information now and in the future?” This service-learning or education component is where you can use your research for social change. Research should be shared with a diverse audience outside UCF such as the general public and/or decision makers to positively impact social change You can meet with diverse decision-makers in your field and share what you learned, you can implement the best-practices in a service-learning experience, or you can share what you learned through social media (find a relevant hashtag or method to share your findings so those interested will find it online). Share how you used what you learned in your research here in this section. You can share narratively, include pictures, or include a screenshot if appropriate. Remember that in this section and the conclusion, you are showing your ability to transfer what you learned in the research into new situations with diverse audiences with the goal of positively impacting society.

Work Cited

As a reminder, you must include a minimum of 10 high quality references from multiple disciplines, including two primary sources, six peer-reviewed resources, and all credible and high-quality. Please identify your primary sources and your peer-reviewed resources by adding (Primary Source) or (Peer-Reviewed) within your citation here. Also, ensure that all sources listed in your work cited are referenced within the narrative text of 1-6 above. For more guidance in the MLA preparation of your paper, including proper citation style, please visit:


Nicole Saraga

Dr. Mandy Pacheco

IDS 4939

October 12, 2022

Project Design: Identifying the factors that influence abuse among teenagers.

Objective: The major objective is to do research into the factors that contribute to substance usage among adolescents, and to recommend changes for how the issue might be resolved. The study will also make use of a documentary that is based on previous empirical research in order to provide insight on the substance use, causation, and recovery experiences of participants who were in their college years.


Saraga 1

Saraga 2

Dr. Mandy Pacheco

IDS 4939

October 12, 2022

Sources for Project; Factors That Influence Substance Abuse among Teenagers

Primary Sources

A&E,. “Intervention: Elizabeth’s Difficult Childhood Leads to Drug Addiction From Teen Years | A&E”.  Youtube, 28 Dec. 2021,

Hanley, M. “Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in Teenagers | Megan Hanley – YouTube”.  Youtube, 19 Aug. 2016,

Secondary Sources

Allen, Joseph P., et al. "Different factors predict adolescent substance use versus adult substance abuse: Lessons from a social-developmental approach."  Development and psychopathology 33.3 (2021): 792-802.

Azimi, Andia M., and Eric J. Connolly. "Child maltreatment and substance use: a behavior genetic analysis."  Child maltreatment 27.2 (2022): 279-289.

Gray, Kevin M., and Lindsay M. Squeglia. "Research Review: What have we learned about adolescent substance use?."  Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 59.6 (2018): 618-627.

Oshri, Assaf, et al. "Impulsivity as a mechanism linking child abuse and neglect with substance use in adolescence and adulthood."  Development and psychopathology 30.2 (2018): 417- 435.

Pasman, Joëlle A., et al. "Interplay between genetic risk and the parent environment in adolescence and substance use in young adulthood: a TRAILS study."  Development and Psychopathology (2021): 1-14.

Rusby, Julie C., et al. "Influence of parent–youth relationship, parental monitoring, and parent substance use on adolescent substance use onset."  Journal of family psychology 32.3 (2018): 310.

Sarvey, Dana, and Justine W. Welsh. "Adolescent substance use: Challenges and opportunities related to COVID-19."  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 122 (2021): 108212.

Trucco, Elisa M. "A review of psychosocial factors linked to adolescent substance use."  Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 196 (2020): 172969.


Saraga 2

Nicole Saraga

Dr. Mandy Pacheco

IDS 4939

September 15, 2022

Project Design Action Plan: abuse among teenagers.

Project Overview

For my project this will be my topic; Factors that influence substance abuse among teenagers. We are all away of how substance abuse has become a popular trend among the teenagers but what most people do not know is the contributing factors to this popular trend of teenagers using substances. Substance abuse is referred as the abuse of illegal substances such as cocaine, heroine and marijuana or even alcohol or prescription medicines. Overdosing can be a form of abuse; however, this is a form of drug abuse since it is abusing the medical prescription. There are two types of substance abuse, which include; alcohol dependence and drug use. However, there is a slight difference between substance abuse and drug abuse. Substance is the abuse of illicit drugs such as cocaine while drug abuse is use of illegal drugs and wrong medical prescription although sometimes drug abuse is categorized under substance abuse. I think I’m interested in this topic for a long time because I grew up in a dysfunctional home due to substance abuse which led to breaking up of my family.

So, it’s more a self-motivation and to create awareness of the factors that lead to substance abuse. The society is only aware of several factors that influence substance abuse among teenagers due to lack of awareness and education on the topic. However, I believe the most common factor is due to lack of psychological and emotional support which leads to anxiety and depression and therefore, teenagers find refuge in use substances. Therefore, the desire to be able to pass this important knowledge to the world is why I am interested in the topic. I think going through with this topic, I will learn a lot of things such as the adverse effects of substance abuse and how it affects mental health of those who abuse substances.

Past GEP Connection

In school or rather at class we are only taught about the basic knowledge of substance use because it’s just education, a topic in the syllabus that has to be covered however, those who have gone through the effects of it are aware of how destructive substance abuse can be. However, that little information provided in school can be useful in preventing someone from getting addicted to substance abuse. I earlier stated about how my family became dysfunctional because of substance abuse. My dad was a victim of substance abuse which he became an addiction and same happened to my elder brother who became dependent on alcohol and could not continue with education, I was very traumatized by the situation and that’s why I grew interest about this topic, therefore, I plan to use the classroom knowledge and experience and personal experience for my project. I think that my past experiences tie with present as I will be using the past experience with my present to make the research real and useful.

Short & Long-term Goals

Short-term goal: This semester, I will be developing a research-based documentary showing the experiences the teenagers from the college have gone through with their journey on abuse of substance, what led them to use substances and their recovery journey from addiction. Long-term goal: After graduation, I hope to work for a non-government organization for helping people fighting substance and drug addiction. I will work towards creating awareness of the importance of psychological and emotional support from families and friends to prevent teenagers from seeking refuge in substances.

Integrative-Learning Plan

To achieve my short-term goal, I will do a thorough research in the college about the teenagers struggling with substance abuse, then I will create a YouTube channel or even use my other social media platforms like TikTok because these are sites that most teenagers use and by using fellow teenagers and schoolmates too, it will help others going through the same to know that they are not alone and they can overcome it with proper help. Also, to achieve my long-term goals I will make use of scholarly materials because there are many of them handling these issues, I will use these scholarly research components to help others in same situation. How do advocates, psychologists and other professionals of substance use go about their advocacy to help teenagers. Visiting educational institutions to talk to students about substance abuse, the factors influencing teenagers, effects, prevention, and solutions to the topic.

Social Change Connection Plan

What I will with the information that I have gathered and learned throughout the course and this topic is by first sharing it those around me not only the ones that abuse substances but also everyone around to understand what is classified as substance abuse, what are the factors that can lead to people abusing substances and how can they prevent such cases. I do not have to complete college in order to achieve my short and long-term goals, I can do so while still studying. I can choose a part-time program for helping and creating awareness globally through an organization as a volunteer and also create social media accounts purposely for passing information about the topic and other social issues.

Project management plan

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