Chat with us, powered by LiveChat What are Supervised Injection Sites? What are the advantages and disadvantages ?does the United States need supervised injection sites? SupervisedInjectionClinics.docxProjectInfo.docx | Wridemy

What are Supervised Injection Sites? What are the advantages and disadvantages ?does the United States need supervised injection sites? SupervisedInjectionClinics.docxProjectInfo.docx

What are Supervised Injection Sites? What are the advantages and disadvantages ?does the United States need supervised injection sites? SupervisedInjectionClinics.docxProjectInfo.docx

What are Supervised Injection Sites?

What are the advantages and disadvantages

 does the United States need supervised injection sites?


Supervised Injection Sites

Adaire McDade

Bryant & Stratton College

ENGL101: Research & Writing I

Emily Burnett

Fall 2022

There has been plenty of research on how much drug overdoses and the addiction rate have increased over the past thirty-plus years. Over the years, building supervised injection sites was an idea to lower the risk of overdose. A person may think. How does having supervised injection clinics impact the world? This essay will provide a background of what a supervised injection site is. What are some advantages and disadvantages of these types of sites is.

Supervised injection sites aim to provide a safe environment for individuals to administer drugs. With sterile syringes and tourniquets. The site does not supply the drugs for them. Also, the clinicians are there to lower the risk of potential overdose. Some facilities provide education of how to correctly use intravenous needles. The first supervised injection site was built in Bern, Switzerland in 1986. The most recent facility was built in the year of 2016 in Canada. As of now there are no Supervised Injection Sites in the United States.

SIS’s benefits are reduced violent behavior after injections have been administered. Women sometimes have been robbed or raped while on the streets after taking drugs. Some individuals feel safer administering drugs in a supervised injection site due to the danger of being forced to share drugs with another person, lowering the risk of transmitting HIV or Hepatitis C. It also provides a safe environment and injects drugs safely. Some people can rush an injection and almost overdose or scar their veins. A minute of administering drugs in public places can also risk people getting arrested while under the influence. Studies have shown that some facilities offer detox treatment, and some people have completed programs to overcome addiction.

Some disadvantages of a supervised injection site are that most SIS are not open for twenty-four hours, which can cause people to experience withdrawal symptoms. Then can lead them to make a wrong decision. The wait time can be longer than expected people can become angry and try to administer outside the facility, which could cause them to be arrested. The SIS does not allow individuals to inject with another person. In some cases, people cannot inject themselves. The SIS may turn them away. Couples would be separated, which could cause a disturbance. Individuals with disabilities who cannot administer drugs alone cannot ask for help from staff. Some people may want to stay and sleep, which sites do not allow.

The United States has researched over the years to show how much drug addiction has affected the world.


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The first step in this research process is to choose a topic. Do not feel confined to traditional topics or topics on which you already have a strong opinion. As you delve into the research, you may find your focus and understanding of the issue alters.

Some ideas to explore:



· Hacktivism

· Facial recognition technology

· Violent protest

· Sugar tax

· Supervised injection facilities

· Mental health and police wellness checks

· Abolishing the penny

· Universal basic income

· Media bias

· Racism in America

· The Electoral College

· Drones

· Social Media

Explore other topics of interest to you and then discuss the topic with your instructor. Avoid topics that have already been legislated or discussed in depth (e.g., legalization of marijuana, the death penalty, bullying, religion, abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.). The topic you choose will be your research focus for the entire class, so choose a topic you are eager to explore.

As you move through the research process, you will have the opportunity to examine the issue critically, take a position, and develop a reasoned argument in support of your position. Your Portfolio Project will take the form of a well-researched paper using reliable sources and APA formatting for citations. In the paper, you will need to interpret and intelligently discuss the issue and support your findings with evidence. There will be portions of your research process required for submission throughout the class as listed below.

Requirements and Formatting

Your Portfolio Project must be formatted as follows:

· APA formatting

· Title Page

· Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font

· 1-inch margins

· Page numbers in top right corner

ENGL101 – Portfolio Project Rubric


Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Needs Improvement



40 points

32 – 40 points

· Provides an introduction to the writing and sets the context within which the argument is formed; includes a clear and focused thesis taking a position and laying out main points

· Explains clearly and thoroughly the writer’s position and why the writer believes in the argument made

· Contains specific descriptions, examples, and research to support the writer’s thesis; makes clear connection between research and the persuasive point and acknowledges counterarguments

· Presents final thoughts on the topic; persuades audience this information is important to know

· Paper meets minimum 4-page requirement

31 – 24 points

· Introduction adequately explains the topic but lacks details to create audience interest or lacks a strong, clear position

· The central purpose of the work is identified. Ideas are generally focused in a way that supports the thesis.

· Begins to offer reasons to support its points, perhaps using varied kinds of evidence. Assumes evidence speaks for itself and needs little to no application to the point being discussed.

· Conclusion is recognizable but may lack audience relevance.

· Paper is 2-3 pages in length

0 – 23 points

· Lacks an introduction, is unclear with vague details and/or lacks clearly defined thesis

· The purpose of the student work is not well-defined. Central ideas are not focused to support the thesis. Thoughts appear disconnected.

· Uses irrelevant details or lacks supporting evidence entirely.

· Lacks a concluding paragraph or paragraph does not summarize final thoughts

· Paper is 1 page or less in length

APA Format, Documentation, and Source Usage

30 points

27 – 30 points

· Incorporates sources (paraphrase and quotes) by introducing them smoothly and explaining and demonstrating their relevance. Sources are carefully chosen from reliable sources.

· Cites in correct APA format, both in-text and on reference page. Includes APA title page and page numbers.

21 – 26 points

· Sources (paraphrase and quotes) are relevant and reliable; generally demonstrates within the text the source relevance. Attempts to incorporate sources into the text smoothly without relying heavily on direct quotation.

· APA format is used with minor errors both in-text and on reference page.

0 –2 0 points

· Sources (paraphrase and quotes) lack introduction or explanation; relies heavily on direct quotations with little attempt to paraphrase. Source reliability is questionable, or sources/quotes are not used.

· There are frequent errors in APA format both in-text and on reference page or the format of the paper is not recognizable as APA format.

Tone, Structure, and Organization

15 points

14 – 15 points

· Follows an appropriate organizational scheme (e.g. chronological, least important to most important, etc.)

· Moves the reader smoothly from one idea to the next using transitional expressions

· Stylistically sophisticated, using precise and engaging language, with a notable sense of voice and awareness of audience/purpose

11 – 13 points

· Information and ideas are presented in an order the audience can follow with minimum difficulty.

· Consistently attempts to provide transition to move the reader from one idea to the next

· Demonstrates a consistent awareness of audience and purpose with an academic tone

0 – 10 points

· Information and ideas are poorly sequenced causing the audience to have difficulty following the thread of thought

· Transition is attempted but awkward or repetitive, or no attempt is made to smoothly move the reader from one idea to the next

· Limited awareness of audience and purpose; vocabulary may be vague or lacking academic tone, or audience and purpose unclear with unacceptable tone for academic writing

Grammar and Mechanics

15 points

14- 15 points

· There are no more than two misspelled words or grammatical errors in paper demonstrating careful reading and correcting of awkward sentences as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation errors

11 – 13 points

· There are no more than three misspellings and/or systematic grammatical errors per page. Some errors distract from the work.

0 – 10 points

· There are four or more misspellings and/or systematic grammatical errors per page. The readability of the work is seriously hampered by errors.

Instructor Comments:

Total Points:

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