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In this unit, you will continue to research the health issue id

In this unit, you will continue to research the health issue id

 In this unit, you will continue to research the health issue identified in the Unit I Assignment. As you carry on with your research, address the following:

  • Apply the social cognitive theory, health belief model, or theory of planned behavior to the health issue that you chose, depending on which one is most appropriate.
  • Discuss your decision to choose the theory you did over the others.
  • Analyze your role as a public health professional in each construct of the theory or model chosen (what are your action items?).

Your assignment should be at least three pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. You must use at least two sources to complete this assignment. All sources used, including your textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations must be in APA style. 


Prevalence of Diabetes in Columbus Georgia

Jasmine Fields

Columbia Southern University

Health Behavior PUH 5304

Dr. Williams

October 11, 2022

Prevalence of Diabetes in Columbus Georgia

At first glance, Columbus, Georgia, looks like one of the most beautiful cities in America. The city is blessed with amazing parks and trails, with the scenes made even more beautiful by the Chattahoochee River and its riverwalk. The city also has a lot of history, displayed in various sites such as the Columbus Museum. The region also has a diverse population, with an African American majority, followed closely by a Caucasian population. There are also other races living in the region, showing how diverse the community is.

However, under all this beauty lies a concerning statistic hurting many regional residents. There has been a rise in the number of cases of diabetes in the region, with some areas, such as Wynnton, having an estimated 24.6% of its residents diagnosed with diabetes (Huang et al., 2022). This rate places Wynnton at the 99th percentile for national prevalence. However, the most disturbing fact about this is that neighborhoods around Wynnton have significantly lower numbers of diabetes diagnoses, registering only 8% of reported diabetes cases. While this is still relatively high, it is nearly a third of the residents of Wynnton present.

Identifying the Target Population

To properly understand diabetes in Columbus, it is essential to understand the population breakdown in the area. Using Wyntonn as the sample, due to their large population afflicted by diabetes, the target population can be found by analyzing those affected by diabetes in Wynnton as a representation of Columbus. The population in Columbus is estimated to be 210 295 as of 2022, with 46.46% of the individuals in the region being African American, 42.47% being white, and other races closing the population (Huang et al., 2022). In Wynton, the population is generally black, with 64.1% of the residents in the region being African American, with Whites making up 27.4% of the population. Figure 1 presents the graphical representation of Wynnton residents in 2019 (City Data, 2022). The difference in racial makeup between Wynnton and the rest of Columbus and the high prevalence of diabetes shows that the target population for those affected by diabetes is primarily African American.

Figure 1: Racial Breakdown in Wynnton, Columbus.

The median household income in Wynnton is also significantly lower than in the rest of Columbus. While the median household income in Georgia is $61,980, the median household income in Wynnton is $39,628 (City Data, 2022). This shows that compared to other residents in Columbus, most of the population in Columbus is relatively poor. This presents another aspect of the target population. The population most affected by diabetes, using the residents of Wynnton as the sample, are likely to have a low median household income and to be African American (Data Commons, 2022).

There are more females than males in Wynnton. However, the difference between males and females is relatively small, and both genders are equally affected by the illness. Most of the residents in the region are between 10-36, showing that the population is relatively young. Figure 2 shows the age distribution of residents in Wynnton. The figure shows that the target population is between 15 and 50, as these are most of the population affected by diabetes (City Data, 2022).

Age and Sex of Residents in Wynnton in Columbus, GA

Figure 2: Age distribution of residents in Wynnton

Wynnton also has one of the lowest education attainment rates in Columbus and Georgia. 28% of residents in Wynnton have less than a high school education, which is relatively high considering Georgia has less than 10% of its residents having less than a high school education (City Data, 2022). Figure 3 shows the educational attainment levels of residents in Wynnton and Georgia. It shows that the target population is also the ones who are less educated.

Educational Attainment in 2019

Relationship Between Diabetes and the Target Population

Education plays a significant impact in the prevalence of diabetes. Individuals who are more educated are more aware of the impacts of diabetes and are aware of the best ways to avoid it (Galicia-Garcia, 2020). This means that individuals who do not have a good education are more likely to have a higher chance of contracting the disease. Economic status also plays a role in the prevalence of diabetes. Those who are financially better off are more likely to purchase better-quality food, which is often healthier. Low-income families often rely on cheap food, which is often unhealthy and increases the likelihood of the person developing diabetes (Galicia-Garcia, 2020). Age is also a factor. As a person grows older, their metabolism slows down. This means that they cannot process food as they did, and if the person is not aware of this through education or cannot afford healthy food, they may develop diabetes if they continue to eat the same way.

Research shows that those with diabetes generally have relatively modest backgrounds, low education, and often range from 45 to above. In America, African Americans are often affected mainly by diabetes (Huang et al., 2022). This show that research corroborates what is happening in Wynnton and, by extension, in Columbus, Georgia. It shows a relationship between these factors and the prevalence of diabetes in the region.


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Huang, J., Yeung, A. M., Nguyen, K. T., Xu, N. Y., Preiser, J. C., Rushakoff, R. J., & Klonoff, D. C. (2022). Hospital Diabetes Meeting 2022.  Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology16(5), 1309-1337.




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