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Complete?the?Porters Five Forces Worksheet,?based on the company you ha

Complete the Porter’s Five Forces Worksheetbased on the company you have been working with since Week 1.

WEEK 1 Attached.

 Provide enough detail in your justification to fully stratify your responses.

Include at least three properly cited sources with in-text citations. Peer reviewed references not required for this assignment

Submit your assignment.

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Porter’s Five Forces

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Porter’s Five Forces

Complete the table below For the company you’ve decided to assess in week 1, determine the strength of each of Porter’s Five Forces and of the complementors. 


Justify your determination with examples. 

Industry force 


Provide a justifying your determination with examples






This is why I believe it is medium.

Threat of new entrants 

Power of buyers 

Power of suppliers 

Power of substitutes 

Rivalry among competitors 



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Copyright 2020 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.




Corporate Entrepreneurship

Damascus Johnson

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Question 1

Procter & Gamble is an American international company that was established in 1837.

William Procter and James Gamble are credited with establishing the company in Cincinnati,

Ohio, in the United States. The business manufactures and sells hygiene and cosmetics items

like Gillette razors, Pampers diapers, and Gain fabric softener. Businesses around the world

recognize and embrace entrepreneurship for its capacity to spark productivity, ensure

sustainability, and secure a competitive edge. The effective distribution of its commodities is

one of the many capabilities that Procter and Gamble possesses as an entrepreneurial force.

Through the use of distribution centers owned by the company as well as third-party

distribution partners, the business makes certain that its goods are available in sufficient


quantities on the market (Kuratko, 2017). Additionally, it has been successful in incorporating

powerful consumer brands into its portfolio. For the vast majority of customers, the firm's

products, such as Pampers and Downy fabric conditioners, are now household names thanks to

the effective branding that the company has implemented. As a result, the company has been

able to maintain its lead over its rivals. To capitalize on this potential, the company has created

new goods that fit current consumer needs. Another entrepreneurship strength of the

organization is its deployment of global scale activities, which has resulted in high productivity

and effectiveness significant to its global structure.

Question 2

Procter & Gamble has instituted policies to expand both corporate value creation and

entrepreneurial endeavors. Being proactive is one of the company's strategies. To identify this

component, consider its dedication to acquiring cutting-edge technologies that aid in

developing products in response to consumer needs and gaps in the market (Singh, 2016). The

corporation has also begun to embrace innovation. Customers are happy because the company

values their input and actively works to meet their demands, a goal they have reached through

promoting creativity among employees. Using tried-and-true market research methods like

customer surveys and focus groups, the company has been able to create innovative goods that

are both profitable and popular. For a project to succeed, innovators need to be willing to work

together and share their perspectives. Procter & Gamble has worked hard to become a more

productive corporation by consistently turning out high-quality goods while keeping costs

down. To lower selling prices, it is aiming to increase localisation in the supply chain. By

bringing the production of goods and materials closer to where they are consumed, the

corporation can save money on transportation costs. It gives the company an advantage over

rivals in terms of introducing items that satisfy customer needs first.


Question 3

The production of value consists of satisfying consumers' wants and needs while being

competitive in the marketplace. Value is created mostly through commercial interaction. The

management of a firm can better pinpoint growth prospects if they have an in-depth familiarity

with the industries and markets in which it operates. Procter & Gamble must expand their

internet presence in order to create more value for their customers and the company. The

company might benefit from a global e-commerce platform, as opposed to the country-specific

one it is using at the moment. Due to the internet platform's global reach, the company's

products will be able to enter new markets, and as a result, global demand for their items will

expand (Hegde, 2015). The strength of their online presence is directly proportional to their

ability to compete in the international e-commerce market.



Hegde, D. (2015). Entrepreneurial Opportunities for E-Commerce in the Retail Sector in India.

In Symposium on “Growth and Prospects of Msme Sector in Emerging Scenario”,

JANUARY (pp. 08-09).

Kuratko, D. F. (2017). Corporate entrepreneurship & innovation: Today's leadership

challenge. The Wiley handbook of entrepreneurship, 293-311.

Singh, A. (2016). The process of social value creation: A multiple-case study on social

entrepreneurship in India. Springer.

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