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Explore Potential Solutions to the Problem 1. Evaluation Framework 2. Research different models for evaluation frameworks. As a team, determine the structure and form of your Evaluation

Explore Potential Solutions to the Problem

1. Evaluation Framework

2. Research different models for evaluation frameworks. As a team, determine the structure and form of your Evaluation Framework. Be sure to cite the resources you consult in your deliverable (using APA Style)

  1. As a team, create a final list of measurements that will be used to evaluate the technology investment. These measures are likely to include technical and behavioral attributes.
  2. You should also address strategic alignment and business outcomes in your evaluation. These measurement characteristics should be based on the potential list of criteria developed in Step Two. (Plan of Action) attached

Need 600 words with 3 citations atleast


Plan of Action for the team members

INSY-731-01A:Assess and Optimization of Technology

Team – 5

Chandana Kolla, Ramana Gude, Sowmya Chilukuri

Indiana Wesleyan University

Criteria that capture the performance of a system or software

Evaluation criteria

Performance testing is a process of evaluating software. It measures a software application's responsiveness, scalability, stability, and resource utilization in response to a particular workload (Hirai et al., 2022). Performance testing focuses on assessing a system or piece of software.

· Speed – Determines the system's response time or how soon the application reacts to specific commands.

· Scalability – Determines the optimum user load that a software application can support.

· Stability – Determines whether the software is stable under various loads.

Evaluation criteria and reporting requirements

Finding opportunities to boost the system's or software's performance should be the primary goal of performance measurement. Performance metrics compare quality and cost throughout the company and address high-level trends and performance outcomes (Hirai et al., 2022). The company is dedicated to enhancing productivity to fulfill the rising client needs. As a result, its software or system applications facilitate the creation and use of performance measures. The possible performance measures that will need to be evaluated for the report to determine whether or not;

· The systems are centered on improving significant service outcomes and processes that matter to consumers, are broadly accepted, and have a considerable impact on the organization's overall success.

· Are under the proper control of the organization or individuals being evaluated.

· Are realistic in light of the many systems and resources available within the company.

· When determining suitability, take quality and price into account.

· Consider the workload associated with numerous data collection efforts.

· Ensure that the methodology employed is transparent.

· When new facts are discovered, they are updated frequently and standardized for all users.

Plan of Action

Team member self-assessment of background experience and skills:

1. Be proud: One of the main goals of the self-evaluation is to acknowledge your accomplishments and key points in your professional development. Identifying the activities and projects exhibiting your most amazing work should come from a comprehensive self-evaluation (Uzialko, 2022). To emphasize their value to the company, employees should emphasize the impact those achievements had on the organization – while describing them.

2. Be honest: Self-evaluations are not just for showcasing achievements. Analyzing your errors is a crucial next step. Knowing where you can grow or where you've made mistakes in the past but have since learned from them is part of being authentic (Uzialko, 2022). If you would like to demonstrate that you can get better, you must first accept your weaknesses.

3. Constantly work to improve: People are continually adjusting, learning, and evolving, therefore self-evaluations should always be continuous. Regardless of whether you achieved your goals this year or not, it is crucial to remain committed to growing and understanding yourself (Uzialko, 2022). Writing down your goals and dreams for the upcoming year during a self-evaluation shows you are unwilling to settle.

4. Keep a record of your successes: When it comes time to talk about your achievements in your self-evaluation, it is helpful to be able to back them up with actual numbers. Most coworkers and managers know what you have achieved, but having complex data to support any claim makes it more credible (Uzialko, 2022).

5. Be professional: When writing self-assessments, you should always act professionally. However, this entails refraining from criticizing the boss for ineffective management or your coworkers for attempting to make your life more challenging. It also means refraining from unnecessarily bragging about a manager or coworker you admire. Professionalism is vital when giving either negative or good comments.

Team strategy for assigning measurement tasks

The following are the team strategies for assigning measurement tasks to your employees:

1. Determine what you want to accomplish: So that you can obtain outcomes rather than merely dumping your duties on anyone available to you, assign that obligation to the person best suited to do it (Majekodunmi, 2017).

2. Make the proper selection: Some things to consider include who has enough experience and needs to develop their sense of responsibility (Majekodunmi, 2017). Time and the desire for such an opportunity should also be considered.

3. Get opinions: If need, set up a meeting. Request input from the team on what changes should be made, potential participants, and the best way to characterize results (Majekodunmi, 2017). If you are in control of a big team or company, talk to the specific supervisors of the sub-teams.

4. Fix a time frame: Immediately after assigning the tasks, set up a time to receive the progress updates (Majekodunmi, 2017). This is especially the case for complicated tasks that take weeks, months, or even years to complete.

5. Keep track of advancements: Maintain command of the circumstance or endeavor, paying close attention to the crucial particulars (Majekodunmi, 2017). Managers are still accountable no matter how well, or poorly a project turns out.

6. Give feedback: Because it is a two-way street, it would be very appreciated and acknowledged to provide constructive training for the less-than-positive remarks (Majekodunmi, 2017). Avoid leaving anyone behind, and plan frequent meetings to discuss goals and progress updates.

7. After the project, assess the results: Ask yourself how you, as the manager, could support the success of your team members more effectively (Majekodunmi, 2017). Give constructive criticism and welcome it in return.


Uzialko, A. (2022). How to write a performance evaluation self-assessment. Retrieved November 13, 2022, from

Majekodunmi, D. (2017). Assigning users to tasks in a process. Business Process Automation with ProcessMaker 3.1, 229-255. doi:10.1007/978-1-4842-3345-0_11

Hirai, Y., Yanoh, K., Norimatsu, Y., & Kihara, M. (2022). Evaluation of sample adequacy: Cytologic Criteria. The Yokohama System for Reporting Endometrial Cytology, 51-53. doi:10.1007/978-981-16-5011-6_6

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