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You only have 5 seconds to capture a reader’s attention!
For your first assignment, you are required to create a flyer for an upcoming DANCE PARTY! Create a 1-page, single-sided, ORIGINAL flyer (topic of your choice) using a recent version of InDesign (version CS5 or higher) or “approved” alternate electronic publishing software (contact me if you are not sure). You must submit the completed project file to your Assignments Folder in our CMST 310 LEO Classroom, following the directions included below:

sample project 1

Party Details
Party Name: Come up with a name for your party (e.g. Back to School Party). This is a dance party – people will be dancing. Make sure your flyer meets this requirement.
Location: You determine the location.
Theme: You determine the dance theme.
8pm to 2am.
June 8, 2021.
Party Type: Dance
Cost: $20 (in advance) – $30 (at the door).
Party Sponsor: Creative Genius
Music by?: DJ or Live Band (You decide).
Contact Information: Include your name as the contact person, web site (, and phone number (555-123-4567)
Dress Code: Dress to Impress!
Design Elements: Include one or more of the following, as appropriate, to demonstrate, visually, that this party is a dance party: (DJ, turntable, records, music notes, boom box radio, speakers, musical band, or disco ball).

NOTE 1: If you would like to take some Creative License on this project and modify some of the party details (Start and End Time, Date, Cost, etc) to make it fit your selected theme, please notify me IN ADVANCE for my approval, otherwise I will hold you accountable for any unauthorized deviations from the specs provided.

Submission Requirements
Please submit the following:
1. Submit a PDF (Portable Document Format) version of your flyer to your Assignments Folder.
2. Submit the original file of your completed work (.indd document if using InDesign).
3. Submit ALL images, graphics, photos, clipart, or text files used in creating your work.

InDesign’s Package feature places all the resources, including photos, images, clipart, and fonts, used in a document into one centralized folder. It also creates a PDF version of the document, which you need to submit to your Assignments Folder.

Here is a YouTube video on how to use InDesign’s Package feature.
Package a Project with InDesign

4. Project Reflection
Post an answer the following questions when you submit your assignments files.
a. Who is the audience for your flyer?
b. What is the purpose of your flyer?
c. What issues or challenges did you face creating this project?
d. What software programs did you use to create your flyer?

You can submit your reflection as a Microsoft Word document or just copy and paste your answers in your Assignments folder’s text box when you submit your assignment along with the rest of the required project files.

NOTE 2: Assignments created in MS Word, MS Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or MS Works (or similar word processing software applications) will not be paid for, graded, or accepted.

NOTE 3: You can not use a template or other pre-formatted design to complete your project, in whole, or in part. You must create your flyer from “scratch”, starting from a empty page.

Your flyer must include all of the required elements listed below:


Page Margins: Set at 0.5 inches (or equivalent picas, points, etc.) on the top, bottom, left, and right.
Page Orientation: Portrait (Tall)
Paper Size: Letter – 8.5 inches (wide) x 11 inches (high)
Pages: One page – Single Side Print
Graphic Elements: Include at least 1 “professional” clipart image, photo, or graphic (appropriate for the flyer…examples are DJ, dancers, people dancing, disco ball, etc). All graphic elements are required to be high-quality, well-designed, non-pixelated, not cartoonish, and visually appealing.
Colors: Include at least 2 different colors in your design.
Fonts: Use at least 2 different fonts in your design. Good font choices (sizes and types).
Party Details: All of the required elements, including all party details should be included in your flyer design. Your flyer should look like a “real” flyer.
NOTE 5: All design elements must fit the purpose and theme of the flyer.

Late Penalty: There is no late penalty. You can submit (and resubmit) this assignment until The last day of Week 7. The Assignments folder will then be closed and you will not be able to to physically submit the assignment for a grade.

Exceptions may be allowed, on a case-by-case basis, for life situations (military deployment, medical illness, death in the family, etc). In all cases, timely notification of a “life situation” is critical to the approval of any extensions. All exceptions must be accompanied by official documentation, which is subject to inspection and approval. Work load, course load, vacations, or bad memory are not acceptable excuses.

Running Close to the Deadline?: Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your assignment. Give yourself at least a 5-hour window to account for any technical difficulties that might arise. If you experience technical difficulties beyond your control that do not allow you to successfully complete the assignment, immediately follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact UMGC 360 Help and Support. Inform them off the problem you are having. Get a problem ticket number from them to document the situation.
Step 2: E-mail me ASAP and include a description of the problem you are having and your problem ticket number from 360 Help and Support, so I can investigate the situation.
Step 3: Attempt to attach your assignment to a message to me inside of LEO.
Step 4: E-mail the assignment to me.

Grade Value
This project is worth 250 points.

Grade Reductions
You will lose points for issues such as: not following directions, not submitting your work on time, and failure to include all required elements. Each omission will result in a partial point deduction.

Submitting Your Assignment
To complete this project and receive full credit, you must submit your completed presentation to your Assignments Folder unless you encounter problems–discussed above).

CYA (Copy Your Assignment)
Please make sure you keep a copy of your project stored on your computer. Technical difficulties do happen–you may need to resubmit your assignment for a number of reasons. It is always a good policy to CYA!

Having Problems?
Please contact me in advance if you are having problems understanding what is required of you.

Do Your Own Work
UMGC has strict policies regarding turning in work that is not 100% your own creation. I will enforce these policies.

NOTE 6: If you do not plan to use a recent version of InDesign, please inform me in advance, so we can discuss these issues in greater detail.

Verify Your Assignment Has Been Posted ( ** Very Important ** )
It is your responsibility to make sure you have posted your assignment CORRECTLY! Once you have posted your assignment, immediately attempt to view it, just to make sure your post was accepted by LEO, that it is formatted correctly, and you have posted the correct file.

NOTE 7: You will be held responsible for posting your assignments correctly.

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