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Advanced Business Writing: WRTG 394 Writing Assignment 3 Research Based Assignment Conway

I need to complete a power point with audio (a female voice is preferred). The research based paper is complete (see attached) but the power-point must coincide with the topic. Power point instructions are attached as well.

Course: WRTG 394

A Grade Writing Assignment #1 Power Point Presentation With

Audio Based on Research Report Assignment Summary This is an additional assignment to be completed ONLY if a student wishes to achieve the grade of “A” in WRTG 394.

How This Assignment Relates to Your other WRTG 394 Assignments To complete this assignment, you will need to make use of your research report. That report, WA #3, will provide you with the information that you will present in your writing assignment.

What you must provide for A Grade Assignment #1, a Power Point Presentation of your Research Report (WA #3)

1. A Power Point presentation (minimum 10 slides) that covers the main points of your research report.

2. You PP presentation should use a consistent theme so that the presentation has the appearance of a typical business PP presentation.

3. Your PP presentation should have an audio component. Here are helpful links to guide you in adding audio to your

PP presentation (Hold the Control key down and click on either link to open it in your browser):

Add or delete Audio in Your PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint: Inserting Audio by GCF Global

Suggestions to Consider for this Assignment This assignment allows you a maximum of freedom to create a Power Point presentation. Here are a couple of tips to consider that will help make your presentation successful:

1. Use your executive summary to help you determine the content for your presentation. Writing that summary has already helped you determine the key points of your report. Putting together your PP presentation then becomes a matter of translating the summary into PP slides.

2. Remember, a good PP presentation doesn’t try to put too much information on a single slide. It’s okay to have more than ten slides. Think of your PP presentation as a visual equivalent of your executive summary.

3. While it’s okay to have more than ten slides, too many slides can kill the effectiveness of a PP presentation. Fifteen slides? Okay. More slides than that – perhaps too much detail for a presentation.

Have fun!




Writing Assignment # 3

Research Based Report

A Plan for Implementing a Training Initiative to Improve Employment

Farrin Conway

University of Maryland Global Campus

Advanced Business Writing: WRTG 394

Professor Amanda Stopa Goldstein

February 24, 2023

To: Jorge Mercado, Chief of Supply & Services Division

From: Farrin Conway, Property Book Officer

Date: February 24, 2023

Subject: A Plan for Implementing a Training Initiative to Improve Employment.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this report to propose a training initiative that aims to improve employment in our workplace/community. The issue of underemployment is prevalent in our society and it affects individuals, families, and the entire community. I believe that with the implementation of a training initiative, we can improve the skills and knowledge of our workforce and increase the chances of employment for our residents.

This report presents the problem of underemployment in our workplace/community, supported by research, and offers one possible solution, supported by research, to address this issue. I hope that you will find this report informative and that you will consider the implementation of the training initiative to improve employment in our workplace/community.


Farrin Conway

Table of Contents

Contents Executive Summary 4 Introduction 4 Problem Statement 5 Literature Review 5 Proposed Solution 6 Implementation Plan 6 Conclusion 8 Recommendations 9 References 11

Executive Summary

This report discusses the issue of unemployment and underemployment in our company and community and makes a recommendation for a training program to boost employment opportunities. The paper presents a complete analysis of the existing situation, which is supported by research, in addition to presenting a detailed strategy for the implementation of the training project (Adams, Ryan & Groves, 2018). The research comes to the conclusion that putting into action the training program is absolutely necessary in order to address the problem of unemployment and underemployment in our workplace and in our society.


The problems of underemployment are pervasive in our workplace and in our community, and they have an impact not just on people but also on families and the overall community. Instability in one's financial situation, social isolation, and a variety of mental and physical health problems are all consequences of a dearth of employment alternatives. Because the rate of unemployment and underemployment in our workplace and community is greater than the average rate for the nation, it is essential that we address this problem in order to promote the well-being of our community's citizens (Bozkurt & Bellibas, 2018).

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the problem of unemployment and underemployment in our company and community, supported by research, and to propose a training project that will improve employment opportunities (Bozkurt & Bellibas, 2018). The study gives a thorough action plan for putting the training program into action, as well as a complete review of the current situation.

Problem Statement

The enormous problem of unemployment and underemployment in our workplace and community is an issue that affects a big number of the people who live here. In addition, a significant number of people who are now employed do so despite the fact that the occupations they have do not make adequate use of their abilities and credentials. This circumstance inevitably results in monetary instability, a lack of prospects for professional advancement, and social isolation.

The problem of unemployment and underemployment is complicated and varied, and it is influenced by a variety of reasons, including a lack of job prospects, insufficient skills and credentials, discrimination, and structural concerns (Chaudhuri & Ghosh, 2018). Among the variables that contribute to the problem are: As a result, finding a solution to this problem calls for an approach that is both comprehensive and complex, involving a wide range of stakeholders and industries.

Literature Review

According to Dachner & Colley, (2018), the research conducted on the topic of unemployment and underemployment emphasizes the significance of education and training in enhancing one's chances of finding gainful employment. Education and training are two of the most important factors in enhancing the capabilities and qualifications of the labor force as well as raising the likelihood of finding job. The research also highlights how important it is to provide training that is pertinent to the requirements of the sector as well as the current job market.

As per Hurrell, (2018), it is extremely important for employers to provide their employees with chances for training and to invest in the development of their skills and qualifications. According to the findings of the study, staff training can improve the organization's overall productivity and competitiveness, as well as contribute to more favorable employment outcomes for workers.

Proposed Solution

The literature review and the analysis of the current situation led me to propose a training program with the goals of enhancing the skills and knowledge of our workforce and increasing the number of employment opportunities available to our local residents. This program would be based on the following: The primary objective of the training effort will be to deliver current and pertinent training that is adapted to meet the requirements of our labor force as well as the requirements of the current job market (Križanović & Đaković, 2018). The training will cover a wide variety of subjects, such as technical skills, soft skills, and knowledge unique to the sector.

In order to ensure that the training effort is developed in a way that satisfies the requirements of both our existing workforce and the current state of the labor market, we will work together with professionals from relevant industries, educators, and potential employers. The program will be made available through a variety of different entry points, such as online classes, in-person seminars, and on-the-job instruction. The training will be provided to our residents at no cost, and we will offer help and direction to ensure that they are able to participate in the program and derive the maximum advantage from it.

Implementation Plan

Successfully launching the training program calls for a concerted effort spanning multiple organizations and fields. In order to carry out the training program, consider the following:

Doing requirements assessment is the first stage in building an efficient training program. This phase include determining the specific training needs of the target audience. This requires determining the skills and knowledge that are lacking among the workforce, in addition to determining the requirements of the employment market (Littrell & Salas, 2018). The findings of the evaluation will offer insights into the training needs of the workforce, which will assist in tailoring the training curriculum to match those requirements.

Training Curriculum: On the basis of the findings of the needs assessment, an individualized training program should be designed and implemented. The educational program ought to fill in the knowledge and skill gaps that have been identified in the labor force, and it ought to be tailored to the requirements of the labor market (Loughran, Mulvey & Gannon, 2018). It is crucial that the curriculum be relevant, engaging, and practical in order to guarantee that those entering the workforce will be able to effectively utilize the new skills and information they have acquired.

Industry Partners: It is crucial to identify industry partners, educators, and employers who are able to provide assistance and direction in order to make certain that the training program is successful. Industry partners can be found here. These partners have the ability to provide insights into the requirements of the job market and the ability to help ensure that the training is matched with the standards of the sector. They also have the potential to offer possibilities for on-the-job training and to assist in the process of job placement for members of the labor force.

Plan for the Delivery of Training The strategy for the delivery of training should contain a variety of delivery methods, such as on-the-job training, workshops, and online classes. It is essential to present the workforce with a variety of options and flexibility in order to make sure that the training is approachable and appropriate for their specific requirements. The plan for delivering the training ought to include take into account the resources and infrastructure that are necessary to successfully conduct the training.

Help and Direction: Providing the workforce with support and direction throughout the entirety of the training program is an absolutely necessary step. This may include making resources and support services, such as mentoring and coaching, available to the workforce in order to assist them in navigating the training and making use of their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Evaluating the efficacy of the training program on a regular basis and making any required modifications to increase the program's overall impact are both essential steps in the evaluation process. Measurement of the outcomes of the training, such as job placements and increased performance, may be included in the evaluation process. This may include receiving input from employers, industry partners, and workers in the workforce.


The enormous problem of unemployment and underemployment in our workplace and community is an issue that affects a big number of the people who live here. In order to tackle this problem and make strides toward improving the health of our community members, it is very necessary to launch a training program. The training program will provide members of our workforce with the expertise and information they require to achieve success in the labor market, thereby increasing their likelihood of finding employment.

It is necessary to take a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the implementation of the training effort, which should engage a wide variety of stakeholders and industries. We are confident that if we are able to get the cooperation of businesses, educators, and other industry partners, we will be able to successfully implement the training project and have a constructive effect on the lives of the people who live here.


Based on the findings of this report, I recommend the following:

The objective of the proposed training program is to enhance employment outcomes in our workplace and the surrounding community. We need to follow a structured approach if we are going to be successful in putting this initiative into action. This approach should involve working together with other stakeholders in the industry, such as educators and employers, as well as providing our residents with support and direction, and assessing how well the initiative is working.

To begin, we need to work together with partners in the sector, educators, and businesses to plan and carry out the training project. By this partnership, we will be able to guarantee that the training we deliver is pertinent and in line with the most recent developments in the industry. In order to guarantee that our educational offerings are up to date and relevant to the needs of the labor market, we need to involve business partners in the project (Zhang & Ding, 2018). Employers are able to provide us with useful insights into the skills and competencies required for certain job tasks, and educators are able to assist us in designing and delivering the training in a way that is both structured and effective.

Second, in order for our people to have access to the training and reap its benefits, we need to offer those help and direction in the form of advice and support. This support can come in a variety of forms, including financial assistance, coaching on how to negotiate the job market, and the assistance of an experienced mentor (Zhang & Ding, 2018). We have a responsibility to make certain that the members of our community have access to the information and resources need to make the most of the educational opportunities we offer.

Lastly, we need to evaluate the efficacy of the training program and make any required changes to increase its overall impact. This evaluation can be carried out in a variety of ways, such as through the use of surveys, focus groups, and data analysis. In order to evaluate the efficacy of the program, we need to monitor the development of our community members after they have finished the training (Ngugi, Ngeny & Ochanda, 2018). We need to make the required adjustments to the project based on the input that we get in order to increase its efficacy and guarantee that it fits the evolving demands of both our workplace and our community.

The proposed training program cannot be carried out without a coordinated effort on the part of industry partners, educational institutions, and business organizations. In order to ensure that our community members are able to participate in the training and gain from it, we will need to offer them assistance and direction, do an analysis of how well the effort is working, and then make any required adjustments to make the program more effective (Zhang & Ding, 2018). We are able to improve employment results in our company and community by following this systematic strategy, and we are also able to assist our citizens in achieving their professional goals.


Adams, D. A., Ryan, B. L., & Groves, P. S. (2018). Workforce Development and Employability Skills Training for Students with Disabilities: A Review of the Literature. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 48(3), 297-306.

Bozkurt, C., & Bellibas, M. S. (2018). An analysis of the effectiveness of training programs on job satisfaction and employee motivation. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, 17(3), 246-264.

Chaudhuri, S., & Ghosh, D. (2018). Training, skills and employment in the Indian IT industry. Journal of South Asian Development, 13(1), 43-64.

Dachner, A. M., & Colley, L. (2018). Training and Employability: A Systematic Review of Interventions for Disadvantaged Populations. International Journal of Training Research, 16(2), 130-150.

Hurrell, S. A. (2018). Improving Employability: The Role of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Enhancing Employability in Africa. International Journal of Training Research, 16(2), 151-165.

Križanović, V., & Đaković, I. (2018). Implementation of dual education system in the Republic of Croatia: A critical review. Economics of Agriculture, 65(2), 495-508.

Littrell, L. D., & Salas, E. (2018). Training, development, and talent management. In Handbook of Human Resource Management (pp. 337-352). Routledge.

Loughran, J., Mulvey, G., & Gannon, B. (2018). The impact of employment and training interventions for adult unemployed residents of disadvantaged areas: A systematic review. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 14(1), e1047.

Ngugi, K., Ngeny, E., & Ochanda, R. (2018). Effectiveness of Technical and Vocational Education and Training on Employability of Graduates in Kenya. International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management, 5(2), 20-26.

Zhang, Z., & Ding, S. (2018). The Effects of Employee Training on Employee Productivity, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Intentions: A Meta-Analysis. Human Resource Development Review, 17(4), 390-415.

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