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Explain what it would be like to visit a Traditional Chinese Doctor. ?How would they diagnose you? ?What sort of treatments would they provide? ?How would it be different than going

1.Discussion : Traditional Chinese Medicine

You decide to take a trip to China. While there you start to feel ill.  Explain what it would be like to visit a Traditional Chinese Doctor.  How would they diagnose you?  What sort of treatments would they provide?  How would it be different than going to an American Urgent Care clinic?  Would the Traditional Chinese Therapies help? Locate and discuss any research that supports/does not support these therapies.

Remember to include references in APA format from your textbook reading, lectures, or other peer-reviewed sources.

The grading will follow the same format as previous posts.

Reply in this

Traditional Chinese Medicine relies on yin and yang which are the two forces of balance. If someone's yin and yang are thrown out of balance then their health can be negatively influenced (Alavian, 2021). If I took a trip to China and was starting to feel ill, I would go to see a TCD. This would differ from an American Urgent Care clinic through treatment and prescription. A TCD would evaluate the color of my tongue and the sound of my voice. A TCD would also check my pulse, and try to figure out what my imbalance is within my body and spirit (Alavian, 2021). An American doctor usually asks questions such as “when did this start?” or “is your pain on a scale of 1-10?”. In America we also rely on more modern medicine to help us feel better such as “Dayquil” or “Advil”. A TCD would most likely prescribe a special list of herbs mixed just for my personal imbalances. A TCD would want my hot and cold to be balanced and the herbs can help with that to make me feel better. I thought this was interesting because I already drink tea when I start to feel sick. This natural way makes sense to help treat an illness such as a cold. Herbal tea ingredients have been known to ease respiratory infection symptoms (Watson, 2019). This module is similar to the previous module because in China they focus on balance and imbalances. They also focus on hot and cold aspects within the body, the same as Ayurvedic medicine. 


Alavian, K. (2021). “Chapter 9 Traditional Chinese Medicine-4.” [PowerPoint slides].  Module 3: Learning Materials.

Watson, K. (2019, February 12). Tea for colds: Types of tea, benefits, and efficacy. Healthline. Retrieved March 28, 2023, from 








and Quality of Posts




-Initial comments about the case are at least 150-200 words.

-Learner shows excellent integration of course content evidenced by their critical analysis and application.

-Consistent use of grammatically correct posts with rare misspellings and APA format used with references.

-Initial comments about the case are between 100-149 words.


-Some evidence of integration of course content and application.

-Evidence of

errors in spelling and grammar in several posts and some APA format used with references.


-Initial comments about the case are less than 99 words.

-There was no evidence of integration of course content.

-Used poor spelling and grammar in most posts and no APA format used with references/no references used.

Substantive, Clear, and Consistent Responses




-Response posts showed an understanding of the content offered.

-Completed at least 2 response posts.

-Each response post is between 100-150 words.


-Response posts were not always on target with the content offered or were not always understandable.

-Completed only 1 response post.

-Each response post is between 50-99words.

-Responses to others posts were unclear, short, and were not related or understandable.

-Response posts showed no connection to the content offered.

– Did not complete response post.

-Responses less than 49 words.

This grading rubric will be used to assess each discussion topic (worth a total of 10 points). All initial posts are due by Wednesday 11:59pm, with responses to other group members due by Sunday 11:59pm.




Sample Posts:

Sample Post 1:

The Native American culture believes and promotes the concept of having a peaceful coexistence within all aspects of life. It is fair to say that walking in balance is pivotal to having a happy and successful lifespan. Being 20 years old, I can’t say that I feel I am walking in balance most of my days. However, from the life experiences I have had, I feel that the area of my life that needs the most improvement would be overthinking. Finding the balance between being properly concerned about what I have control over and not stressing myself out about what is out of my control is a continuous goal of mine. To obtain my desired balance in this area I can focus more on my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health collectively. Without all four areas being in balance with each other, that could potentially be a recipe for disaster.

More specifically, the Native American culture embraces our natural energy and gratitude. With my own religious beliefs in consideration, I do not believe in burning sage or any other spiritistic rituals to find relief. However, I do believe that having a measurable energy flow is important. Having good intentions and spreading positivity can make all the difference in one’s life. As far as gratitude, I believe it is important to wake up every day with a sense of feeling blessed to be alive. Life is a sacred gift from God and every second of it should be spent with our spirituality in mind. The International Journal of Disability, Development, and Education brings out “in many Native American languages there is no word for “religion” because spiritual practices are an integral part of every aspect of daily life; they are necessary for the harmony and balance, or wellness, of the individual, family, clan, and community” (Portman & Garrett, 2006). I find this to be an interesting concept in their culture because our spirituality should be embodied within us. “Health and well-being are the results of the complex interplay among our spirituality, physical status, cognitive and emotional processes, and environments. When all four areas are in balance, we are said to be healthy” (Hodge, et al., 2009). Nevertheless, spiritual practices go hand and hand with religion as it is simply believing in God and following Bible principles.


Hodge, D., Limb, G., & Cross, T. (2009). Moving from Colonization toward Balance and Harmony: A Native American Perspective on Wellness. Social Work, 54(3), 211-9.

Portman, T., & Garrett, M. (2006). Native American Healing Traditions. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 53(4), 453-469.

Sample Post 2:

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine that focuses on more natural methods of treating and preventing illness. Homeopathic medicine works by using minimal substances to treat illness with a big concentration on the idea that the body will heal itself. Homeopaths use natural substances to treat illness which is good because the remedies are non-toxic which makes them safer overall. Homeopathy is unique because the treatments are diluted remedies which are made from animal, vegetable, and mineral substances (Synovitz & Larson, 2020). Homeopathy is unique because practitioners only use one remedy at a time so they can see if it works properly without the interference of another remedy (Forouzeshyekta, 2021). Homeopathy is similar to the other professions we have studied in the same way it focuses on natural methods to treat and prevent illness. Many of the other professions such as traditional Chinese medicine utilize herbs and other natural remedies to help people get better or manage symptoms. Homeopathy is similar to Naturopathy because both forms of medicine share the belief that the body will heal itself (Synovitz & Larson, 2020). Homeopathy and Naturopathy are also similar because both forms assess the patients as a whole by examining their body, mind, and spirit (Synovitz & Larson, 2020). As of right now there is no license for homeopathy or a set of professional rules (Synovitz & Larson, 2020). Homeopathic practitioners are licensed in a certain medical profession such as MD or an osteopathic physician (Synovitz & Larson, 2020). At least half of all physicians in the United States are also homeopaths (Forouzeshyekta, 2020). There is a certification process which includes training hours, oral and written exams, and three years of clinical practice (Forouzeshyekta, 2021).

An article entitled “Benefits of homeopathy for older people” details some remedies and discusses how effective homeopathy is for older adults (Marshall, 2006). Homeopathy remedies are made from all natural substances so it is a good option for older adults whose bodies are less resilient (Marshall, 2006). Homeopathic medicine has had trouble being accepted in the medical world however homeopathy has worked for many people when other forms of medicine have failed (Marshall, 2006). One ailment that affects many older adults is arthritis which can cause pain and discomfort (Marshall, 2006). Homeopathic remedies will not cure arthritis but may help ease the pain and inflammation for older adults (Marshall, 2006). Homeopathic medicine can be extremely beneficial for older adults because the remedies are all natural and can help to improve overall quality of life.


Forouzeshyekta, M. (2021). Homeopathy-Chapter 10-1 [PowerPoint slides].

Marshall, R. (2006). Benefits of homeopathy for older people.  Nursing and Residential Care8(2), 73–75.

Synovitz, L. B., & Larson, K. L. (2020).   Consumer Health and Integrative Medicine (2nded.) Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. 

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