Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Write a 2,100- to 2,800-word needs assessment. Use the following sections to organize your paper: Summarize the target population: Use your knowledge of your communit | Wridemy

Write a 2,100- to 2,800-word needs assessment. Use the following sections to organize your paper: Summarize the target population: Use your knowledge of your communit

Write a 2,100- to 2,800-w0rd needs assessment. Use the following sections to organize your pap3r:

  • Summarize the target population: Use your knowledge of your community to provide context and illustrate the dynamics of the population. You may wish to incorporate details like demographics, social structure, community culture, history, values, and even its infrastructure. 
  • Examples of a target population:
  • trauma survivors
  • preschool children with autism-spectrum disorders
  • adults in a substance-abuse treatment program
  • homeless individuals
  • client advocates
  • parents 
  • administrators
  • human services professionals
  • Describe this population’s perceived need(s).
  • Incorporate relevant research from your literature review in the Week 5 Needs Assessment Part 1 assignment.
  • If necessary, read additional articles on the topic so you are well-versed in the needs of a particular population.  
  • As needed, include existing data from published studies in this section of your report. 
  • Describe the current status of the population in your community. 
  • For example, if you are interested in addressing the needs of homeless people in your community, describe the services and resources currently available and accessible to this population. Many needs may already be met by existing programs and services. Describe these needs.  
  • You might also wish to describe the evolution of the population. What changes has this population experienced in recent years? What has remained the same? How might the population change in the future? 
  • Create one additional strategy for collecting information about the needs of the target population (in addition to reading literature and interviewing specialists).
  • For example, you may decide to administer a questionnaire or organize a focus group. Discuss your strategy in detail. If there is already a validated questionnaire that is relevant to the group you are assessing, describe it. If not, describe the type of instrument that would be useful in assessing the needs of the target population. For additional information on needs assessment strategies, conduct additional internet research.  
  • Create a general plan for data analysis.  
  • Although you will not actually collect data, determine which approach (mixed methods, survey, or action research) you would most likely use. Provide rationale for your answer.
  • Once you have collected data, either qualitative or quantitative, you need to analyze and interpret it. Explain how you would do this.  
  • Describe 1-2 potential interventions or strategies for addressing your target population’s need(s). 
  • Typically, the next step in a needs assessment is to analyze the data and use the results to plan appropriate interventions. Because you are only planning and not actually conducting a needs assessment, you will not have actual data to analyze and use. However, you may still anticipate the needs of a given population by reflecting on the information you have gathered
  • For example, if the information you gleaned from research articles and your key informant suggests that the homeless population in your community needs education on existing mental health services, you may develop a plan for helping the homeless population learn more about community mental health services currently available to them. In other words, you can devise a strategy for increasing awareness of mental health services. Keep in mind your plan will be general and tentative because you have not actually analyzed data. 

Cite a minimum of five scholarly r3ferences. 

Running head: Week 1 Discussion – Research Study Proposal

Week 1 Discussion – Research Study Proposal

Darrin Williams


2 Week 1 Discussion – Research Study Proposal

Research topic: a research into the correlation between depression and suicide among young


Theoretical framework

Suicide is one of the major global public health concern. Suicide and depression is also one of

the widely discussed topic among researchers. Majority of suicide studies have always been

linked to mental disorder. For example, a suicidal behavior research on Chinese University

Students measured the connection between suicide and different mental disorders such as

anxiety, stress, and depression including copying styles, hopelessness and the subjective well-

being (Lew, B.,. et al, 2019). The result showed that these factors were major factors for suicide.

Majority of people that have depressive disorder do not die or attempt to die by suicide but

depression has always been linked with a higher risk of suicide (Daly, M. (2022). Some studies

estimate that around 60% of individual that die by suicide have has bipolar disorder or


The aim of this research is to find the relationship or connection between suicide and

depression among young people, the percentage of those that are affected by depression and the

percentage of young people with depressive disorder that have a suicidal thought. Even though

there several research on depressive disorder among the youth less is covered on its connection

to suicide among young people. As such, this research is important because mental health issues

and following suicide deaths ad attempts has increasingly become a worldwide issues among

young people. In addition, the research will help in increasing counselling effective and come up

with preventive programs or strategies that can help prevent suicide and mental health problems

among youth in the society.

3 Week 1 Discussion – Research Study Proposal

Research questions

Hypothesis: Depression is wide-spread among young people and teenagers as well as it

is one of the main causes of suicide and suicide behaviors.

For this research, there are few question, which I would need to know and include;

 What is the rate of youth and teenagers, with depressive disorder?

 What is the percentage of young people with depressive disorder, who have

suicidal thought?

 Other than depression, what other factors contribute to suicidal thoughts?

 Among young people, can depression be regard as the main reasons for suicidal

thoughts or behaviors?

The research study will follow a mixed research method (both qualitative and quantitative

research method). It will also use questionnaires, interviews and involve psychologists and

young people aged between 16-25 years old. In addition, it does not focus on specific race,

ethnicity or nationality. Having it in a school setting will help incorporate diversity and cultural

sensitivity. Moreover, mental disorders are also influenced by individual cultural backgrounds

and social setting. To conclude, this proposed research study will help understand the connection

depression has with suicide behavior among young people and provide an insight on how to

understand and solve the problem.

4 Week 1 Discussion – Research Study Proposal


Daly, M. (2022). Prevalence of depression among adolescents in the US from 2009 to 2019:

analysis of trends by sex, race/ethnicity, and income. Journal of Adolescent

Health, 70(3), 496-499.

Lew, B., Huen, J., Yu, P., Yuan, L., Wang, D. F., Ping, F., & Jia, C. X. (2019). Associations

between depression, anxiety, stress, hopelessness, subjective well-being, coping styles

and suicide in Chinese university students. PloS one, 14(7), e0217372.

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