Chat with us, powered by LiveChat In your reply to your, identify at least 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses in his/her reasoning, and ask 1 question that comes to mind based on that peers post.? at least 300 words | Wridemy

In your reply to your, identify at least 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses in his/her reasoning, and ask 1 question that comes to mind based on that peers post.? at least 300 words

   In your reply to your, identify at least 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses in his/her reasoning, and ask 1 question that comes to mind based on that peers post. 

at least 300 words For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 3 in-text citations in APA format.
Each reply must incorporate at least 2 in-text citations in APA format. In-text citations can come from all the same source or various acceptable sources to support your assertations/claims made in your original prompt and reply. Acceptable sources include the course textbooks, the Bible,
outside books or peer-reviewed professional journal articles, etc.

Peer 1 Kristin

Part One:

· A worldview is an individual's understanding of reality through their lenses, often brought about through experiences and/or the influence of others. A person's worldview will answer the questions all human beings face as to what the world is, who they, as a person, are, and why they exist. The implications of a "worldview" include the idea that no human being is experiencing the truest essence of "reality." Everyone has a certain skew on the events in their lives, and no two people see an issue the same way, even if they share beliefs and morals. We all have biases and need to acknowledge them before we act. We must be humble and accept that others will perceive conversations and even relationships differently than we do.

· A person's worldview determines their view on everything- including what they consider to be right or wrong. What one person's worldview claims is right could be disputed as wrong in another's. A Christian worldview declares God's standard as right. In regards to psychology, a Christian's worldview would assert "that some elements of human distress… directly or indirectly stem from living in ways that run counter to God’s design for creation" (Entwistle, 2015, pp. 77-8). God's will is perfect, and to live outside of it will cause consequences. However, if someone had a different worldview, they would try to find solutions that fit their specific belief system. A Christian should go to a Christian counselor because "blessed  is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful" ( New King James Bible, Psalm 1:1). Christians need to rely on one another to provide the best counsel. Otherwise, they will be like chaff blown away by the wind ( NKJB, Psalm 1:4). Nothing they attempt will come to fruition.

Part Two:

– Humans were made to be in community. It's hard-wired in our brains. In today's increasingly isolating and individualistic culture, we can see the impact of loneliness on mental health as both skyrocket. The interactions between a patient and a therapist can provide a great opportunity for an open, confessional conversation. Merely having someone listen can improve some patients' health. However, the psychologist should be providing tools to build and strengthen a patient's community beyond the professional-patient relationship. Sins, such as lies, adultery, gossip, and grudges,  can erode important relationships in a person's life. Further than that, as McMinn wrote, humanity itself has been fractured from the greatest relationship of all: that with our Lord and Creator (195-6). No mere human being could ever repair this relationship, so Jesus Himself came down and provided a way for us. Now, we should invite Him in to our lives- our joys and our suffering. He should be present in our therapy sessions as only Christ can truly heal a body, soul, mind, or heart.

· In regards to collective sin, I am definitely a strong believer that psychological and spiritual healing can be just as contagious as harm. Similar to the way one number can increase an average, one person can raise the others' spirits and hopes. Seeing one person achieve peace and happiness motivates others who are hurting to do the same. While "groupthink" is often used in a negative connotation, and for a good reason, it does reveal humanity's tendency towards following others, displaying an innate connection to those in one's environment.

· God's mission is to bring humanity back to Himself. We, as Christians, must follow His will and, to the best of our ability, bring it about. We must remember to show grace, as we have been shown grace, and provide a way to God throughout our counseling journeys.

Peer 2 Elizabeth

Part 1:

"worldview" refers to an individual's framework for interpreting and understanding the world. It is a comprehensive perspective that consists of underlying assumptions that greatly influence one's perception of reality. A person's worldview may be influenced by their personal experiences, beliefs, and lifestyle choices, or it may be a shared outlook held by a particular community with similar viewpoints. The concept of a worldview explains the foundation upon which individuals justify their beliefs and plays a significant role in shaping personal identity and future actions. There are four primary categories of worldviews: animism, polytheism, monotheism, and modernism (Entwistle, 2015). Due to individuals' diverse beliefs and opinions, worldviews have various implications.

The perception of Christianity is greatly influenced by an individual's worldview, which can lead to a positive or negative view depending on their standpoint. Those who deeply understand Christian principles and beliefs recognize the importance of developing a close relationship with God and acknowledging His roles as creator, savior, and redeemer. Unlike psychological worldviews based on scientific foundations, a Christian worldview is primarily rooted in scriptural teachings. It revolves around three fundamental themes: creation, fall, and redemption. According to Entwistle (2015), the Christian perspective on human nature acknowledges that we were created in the image of God, endowed with intellectual, creative, emotional, social, and caretaking abilities. Christians emphasize establishing a deep connection with God, as it is through this connection that our identity is realized. Numerous biblical passages highlight the profound relationship between humankind and the divine, as exemplified by the verse, "Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his people, the sheep of his pasture" (Psalm 100:3, NIV).

Part 2:

In McMinn's (2011)  work on the interconnected aspects of sin and healing, a comprehensive examination of the textbook content reveals a three-part division. McMinn presents a narrative framework consisting of three distinct acts. Act 1 explores the Relational God's Creation of Relational Human Beings. This act emphasizes the inherent design of God's creations for relationships. The primal longing for companionship and connection can be traced back to the beginning of humanity with Adam and Eve in the Garden, aligning with the scriptural passage in Genesis 2:18, where it is stated, "The Lord God said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.'"

Act 2 focuses on Sin Impairing Relationships. Sin corrupts and taints every aspect it touches. It erects barriers in our relationships by creating distance between God and ourselves, defiling our inherent purity, and causing conflicts and transgressions with others, whether they are spouses or friends.

The concluding Act 3 has a focus on restoration. God has undertaken significant efforts to provide humanity with a path to sanctity in His eyes. While our ability to earn redemption from sin is limited, God's redemptive actions are extensive, and we could seek His forgiveness and attain salvation. By examining these acts, we gain a deeper understanding of the nature of relationships. Like how worldviews are shaped by various influences, such as parental guidance during childhood or peer influence in adulthood, parallels can be observed when considering relational theology shaped by God. Furthermore, this three-act narrative harmoniously aligns with God's overarching mission, which McMinn (2011) states is "God's mission is to establish, preserve, and restore life in communion." Consequently, God's desire for relationality seamlessly integrates into the tripartite structure, providing a profound understanding and heightened insight.


Entwistle, D. N. (2015).  Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, Third Edition : An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration. Wipf and Stock Publishers.

McMinn, M. R. (2011).  Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counceling . Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

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