Chat with us, powered by LiveChat To complete the next dissertation course successfully, you will need to have a draft of Chapter 1 that your chair has reviewed and assessed as ready to move to your Content Expert and M | Wridemy

To complete the next dissertation course successfully, you will need to have a draft of Chapter 1 that your chair has reviewed and assessed as ready to move to your Content Expert and M

To complete the next dissertation course successfully, you will need to have a draft of Chapter 1 that your chair has reviewed and assessed as ready to move to your Content Expert and Methodologist for review.  

In 5 pages, I need a DRAFT OUTLINE of chapter 1 from the attached Dissertation project. I need just chapter 1


Ten Strategic Points

Ten Strategic Points

Strategic Points Descriptor

Learner Strategic Points for Proposed Study


Dissertation Topic– Factors Influencing Utilization of Public Mental Health Services in South Texas

· Topic comes out of the problem space supported by the literature, not the learner’s head or personal agenda

· Aligned to the learners’ program of study, and ideally the emphasis area

· Researchable and feasible to complete within the learners’ doctoral program, including extension courses as needed.

· Focused


Literature Review – (Theoretical Framework (Theory)



All Citations


· Basu, Rehkopf, Siddiqi, Glymour, & Kawachi (2016) shows the need of more research on changes being experienced in social policies in recent years especially among women with low income in South Texas.

· Ly, A. (2019) study indicated that there is a gap also within context of cultural acceptance of mental health treatment. Hence the need to culturally specify mental health intervention to improve mental health utilization in the community. Further studies should include more cultural groups to validate the findings of this research.

· Kwan, et al, (2020) study reveals a gap here in regard to cost of healthcare, mental health stigma and language and culture barriers, which were the themes that emerged concerning barriers affecting the utilization of mental health services.

· The researchers indicated the need for future studies to include a larger sample size to enable generalization of the findings.

· Volkert et al., (2018) evaluated various aspects of the utilization of mental health services among the elderly. The study indicated that more research is needed to validate the results of this study.

Theoretical Foundation

· The theoretical foundation of this research will be based on the cognitive theory of psychopathology that was suggested by Aaron T Beck.

· It states that individual perception is influenced by positive and negative mental health status (DeYoung & Krueger, 2018).

· The theory emphasizes that the distorted beliefs influence people’s understanding of themselves, their surroundings, and their interaction with others.

· Similarly, the theory focuses on perception in consideration that mental health is primarily a perception and has neural connections (Cherry & Morin, 2019).

· Furthermore, this theory connects to the study of mental health utilization through the concepts of perception.

· The use of cognitive theory of psychopathology as the foundation of this study, will provide the possibility of understanding the rational why certain people openly utilize mental health services and why others do not utilize the services.

· Through an understanding of perceptions in the study, it is possible to explain why individuals have different opinion about mental health.

· Using the cognitive theory of psychopathology, it is possible to extend the theory to the study of mental health.

Literature Review

1. Empathic Approach:

· The problems of underutilization of mental health services and non-institutionalization of adults has been emphasized as behavioral risk factors.

· According to Kohn et al. (2018) there is a gap in utilization of mental health services in the United States among the individuals that require treatment and those that actually receive the treatment.

· Therefore, there is the need to establish and understand what the social determinants of mental disorders are, and align them with the sustainable development goals, and to establish the potential mechanisms and targets for interventions (Seixas et al., 2017; Kohn et al., 2018).

· The authors assert that the number of mental health patients seeking treatment and medication are fewer than those that are actually suffering from the illness (Lund et al., 2018).

Professional Development:

Job Satisfaction:

· With some recent issues in the country that have been linked to mental health issues, there is an emergence focus on mental health as a critical area of interest.

· According to De Luca (2016), most chronic health conditions and terminal illnesses tend to result in mental disorders in patients.

· Kohn, et al. (2018), examined recent prevalence of mental health disorders including lack of utilization of its services.

Literature Themes

· Mental Health Infrastructure

· Reasons for Lack of Access to Mental Health

· People who do have Access to Mental Health

· Populations that Use Mental Health Services.

· Populations that Reject Mental Health Services.

· Reasons for Use of Mental Health Services

· Reasons for Rejection of Mental Health Services


Problem Statement

It is not known how mental health providers describe the factors that influence utilization of public mental health services


Sample and Location

· Location – South Texas. USA

· Participants will include people who are members of Mental Health Organizations

· Target Population: Mental Health Providers

· Sample: 20 samples that will comprise of interviews with 10 Mental Health Providers and 10 Caregivers.


Research Questions

· RQ1: How do mental health providers describe the factors influencing utilization of public mental health services?

· RQ 2: How do mental health providers describe strategies of encouraging patients to utilize public mental health services?

· RQ 3: How do caregivers describe the factors influencing patient’s utilization of public mental health services?

· RQ4: How do caregivers describe strategies of encouraging patients to utilize public mental health services?



(qualitative) or Define Variables/Hypotheses (quantitative)

· Lack of mental health utilization in Texas.

· High rate of mental health conditions is reported in Southern Texas


Methodology and Design

Rationale for Methodology

· Qualitative methodology is justified for my research because it is effective at providing rich data and is neither restrained nor bound by limitations (Bradshaw et al., 2017).

· In addition, it is most appropriate because it is going to provide real life evidences based on interviews with participants who will be healthcare providers and caregivers that have difference experiences at giving primary data


Purpose Statement

The purpose of this qualitative descriptive case study is to understand how mental health providers describe the factors that influence utilization of public mental health services


Data Collection Approach

· Informed & signed consent by participants

· Visits to mental health providers and mental health facilities

· Interview with mental health providers & caregivers recorded on tape

· Sampling Method: Purposeful Sampling


Data Analysis Approach

Factors Influencing Utilization of Mental Health Services in South Texas

Submitted by

Kehinde Alli

A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Degree

Doctor of Education

(or) Doctor of Philosophy

(or) Doctor of Business Administration

Grand Canyon University


*(Score = 0, 1, 2, or 3)

Learner Score

Chair Score

Methodologist Score

Content Expert Score


(Dissertation Only—Not Required for the Proposal)

(one page)

The abstract provides a succinct summary of the study and MUST include: the purpose of the study, theoretical foundation, research questions stated in narrative format, sample, location, methodology, design, data sources, data analysis, results, and a valid conclusion of the research. Note: The most important finding(s) should be stated with actual codes and resulting themes data/numbers (qualitative).

The abstract is written in APA format, one paragraph fully justified with no indentations, double-spaced with no citations, one page, and includes key search words. Keywords are on a new line and indented.

The abstract is written in a way that is well structured, has a logical flow, uses correct paragraph structure, uses correct sentence structure, punctuation, and APA format.

*Score each requirement listed in the criteria table using the following scale:

0 = Item Not Present or Unacceptable. Substantial Revisions are Required.

1 = Item is Present. Does Not Meet Expectations. Revisions are Required.

2 = Item is Acceptable. Meets Expectations. Some Revisions May be Suggested or Required.

3 = Item Exceeds Expectations. No Revisions are Required.

Reviewer Comments:

Table of Contents Ten Strategic Points vi Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study 1 Introduction 1 Background of the Study 8 Definition of Terms 15 Anticipated Limitations 16 Summary and Organization of the Remainder of the Study 17 Chapter 2: Literature Review 20 Introduction to the Chapter and Background to the Problem 20 Identification of the Problem Space 22 Theoretical Foundations 24 Review of the Literature 26 Problem Statement 56 Summary 57 Chapter 3: Methodology 59 Qualitative Methodology 59 Introduction 59 Purpose of the Study 62 Research Questions 63 Rationale for a Qualitative Methodology 64 Rationale for Research Design 66 Population and Sample Selection 69 Qualitative Sample Size 70 Recruiting and Sampling Strategy 72 Sources of Data 73 Research Data 74 Additional Data 76 Trustworthiness 76 Credibility 77 Dependability 78 Transferability 78 Confirmability 79 Data Collection and Management 79 Data Analysis Procedures 81 Ethical Considerations 85 Assumptions, and Delimitations 87 Assumptions 87 Delimitations 88 Summary 88 References 91 Appendix A. 123 Appendix B. Site Authorization 123 Appendix C. IRB Approval Letter 125 Appendix D. 126 Appendix F. 129 Appendix G. Focus Groups Questions 131

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study


The study of mental health in Texas forms its basis on the argument that lack of social connections affects the mental health status of people. This paper shall be based on mental health improvement in Texas which is a critical consideration in the current health environment. There have been prevalent social issues that have caused worsening and development of mental health conditions. The most common issues that lead to mental disorders are finances, systemic racism, traumatic events, adverse upbringing, physical or sexual abuse, substance abuse, and lack of emotional support during changes in external environment (Einstein et al., 2017). These factors often result in the affected persons lacking proper wellbeing that would ensure they transform the situations for the better. It is evident that environmental factors form the root of the majority of mental health conditions. This proposal shall identify issues that are linked to rejection and inaccessibility of mental health improvement initiatives.

Einstein et al. (2017) explained that mental illnesses are linked to environmental issues especially when the affected person is constantly exposed to situations that cause anxiety and depression. This paper’s study of mental illnesses in Texas and factors influencing use of mental health improvement initiatives is critical since the state as constantly gotten exposed to changes in its social structure and environmental issues. For instance, the recent pandemic has resulted in the majority of college students developing mental illnesses due to the government measures of social distancing (Taboada, 2020). This is a clear indication that people in Texas suffer mental health issues as they are unable to access required medical improvement initiatives. After discovering the presence of mental health issues, the affected persons often reject mental health improvement measures.

The study of mental health in Texas is influenced further by the fact that accessibility of mental health improvement measures is limited in the state (Leonard, 2017). A study of mental health in Texas reveals that “1 in 5 Texans” are exposed to adverse mental health illness every year. The issue of mental health in Texas continues even as the National Alliance on Mental Illness discovered that 110,000 persons in Montgomery County were exposed to mental illnesses (Leonard, 2017). The author further states that schizophrenia or bipolar disorder affect around 23000 persons in Montgomery county only (Leonard, 2017). This indicates that mental health issues are adverse in the state and require study to ensure the creation of solutions that would ensure proper wellbeing of all persons. The statistics for all persons in Texas was approximately more than 500,000 persons in Texas who were living with adverse and recurrent mental health issues.

The main types of mental disorders, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) are “depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other psychoses, dementia, and developmental disorders” (WHO, 2019). These disorders affect many persons in Texas and become worse when they lack access to healthcare. The most important solution of mental health issues to offer suitable social support and to provide treatment measures that are proven to create effective outcomes. The process of identification of the cause of mental health disorders is connected to patients’ cognitive capability (Magaard et al., 2017). This forms a basis of treatment of mental health conditions since the affected persons can identify their need to receive treatment. This would influence their desire to visit mental health providers in order to identify the type of issue and to receive treatment. Issues in mental healthcare develop internal barriers to mental health access that cause them to have worse conditions.

Mental health disorders develop further due to overreliance of positive factors in the environment that do not provide full positive wellbeing for accepted persons. In this era, social media has caused in increase in mental health issues since many people get affected by adverse conditions that lead to inability to realize real stressors that cause them to get mental health issues (Wongkoblap et al., 2017). This paper shall study how intrapersonal issues affect the capability of people to recover from mental health issues. The use of social media forms an intrapersonal barrier to mental healthcare access especially when the affected persons form a different reality while using the vast choices of social media platforms (Keles et al., 2019; McLafferty, et al., 2017; McKenzie, et al., 2021). This is an adverse barrier of improvement of healthcare since it becomes difficult to offer improvements based on the prevailing conditions.

The factors influencing mental health improvement are also connected to substance abuse which is an adverse issue that changes cognitive capability of affected person (Kim et al., 2020; Middleton et al., 2018; Mehta & Edwards, 2018). Any type of mental health issue affects people’s normal capacity to identify that they need help. In the case of South Texas, it is imperative to study how mental health conditions have affected local residents and the different government initiatives developed to ensure improvement in all areas. Any type of mental disorder can get considered as a negative issue that can form full incapacitation for affected persons. The fact that environmental issues often develop results in the need to study how mental health improvement can get performed without affecting the possibility of fully treating the condition.

Treatment of mental health disorders is possible by creating a conducive environment, identifying root cause of issues, and selecting a treatment plan that suits the type of patient (Mayo Clinic, 2019). This paper shall create an argument that is linked to mental health improvement requirements to ensure the capability of offering support to persons affected with mental illnesses. Any type of mental health issues has an impact on the affected persons daily operations. The issues worsen as the people lack connection with family members or friends that would enable them to cope with their adverse conditions. This results in the need to create more social awareness for affected persons to ensure they would be able to engage with the proper solutions and professionals that can offer solutions.

Chang et al. (2019) identified that psychological issues often develop as people get exposed to adverse social conditions. The process of detection is critical since it ensures identification of issues that would lead to the proper solution depending on patient conditions. The issue of mental health is strongly connected to any professional environment since it is required to ensure identification of limiting factors that can cause a person to gain profitable outcomes. The development of personality traits affects the possibility of mental health improvement since it is connected to the issue of accessibility by affected persons. The transition between personal factors and mental health improvement requires consideration since it affects normal functioning that has a capability of generating required outcomes for patients.

After studying factors that may lead to development of mental health issues, it is imperative to analyze how people’s desire to access care gets performed. There are certain barriers for mental health improvement that often occur due to limited capability to generate profitable treatments. The most common barriers are financial constraints, inability to reach required destination, age, stigma, social influence, limited literacy about mental health, lack of insurers, inadequate government interventions, and lack of access with professionally trained persons (Smith et al., 2019; Shukla et al., 2020; Shi et al., 2020; Shalaby & Agyapong, 2020). For instance, adolescents find it hard to receive mental health treatment since they are influenced by their peers (Cuddy & Currie, 2020). This is also connected to the social influence that is common in all areas of a person’s daily life. Limited desire to mental health improvement often occurs in this way and thus creates more constraints for mental health departments.

There is a discrepancy between mental health improvement initiatives and the desire of targeted persons to engage with the improvement measures (Nyblade et al., 2019). This is dangerous for the health departments and affected persons since it affects their desire to access care. The procedure of identification of a type of mental health issue requires collaboration with the affected person and professionally trained person. Whenever the affected persons lack full confidence in their health provider’s capabilities, it becomes difficult to improve quality of care and to offer the best outcome (Brondani et al., 2017). There are a variety of interventions like emotional support, therapy, and medicine to help affected persons to cope with their issues. Depending on the type of issue mental healthcare providers are involved with the improvement measures that have a high likelihood of producing required outcomes.

There is availability of mental healthcare procedures in th

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