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You have acquired a vast knowledge about multiple topics relevant to managers and HR employees.

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Final Research Paper:

Please read instructions carefully.

Overview You have acquired a vast knowledge about multiple topics relevant to managers and HR employees. Below, you will find a list of what some refer as pressing issues and trends facing HR professionals and you are asked by senior management to weigh in on—from educating and discussing the implications for the organization to providing solutions in which the organization can implement.

For your final paper, you are being asked to weigh in on an issue or trend (some examples below), defining and educating management exactly what the challenge or trend is, analyzing and discussing the implications for organizations, and what can be done. Do not limit yourself in your approach and elements, as you want to make sure that the executive management has the needed information to make a decision or take action. If you have questions or are unsure of your approach, please let me know so we can work on a solution that will be beneficial and give you the immediate takeaways you can implement if needed. 

Examples of Issues and Trends:

· The Great Resignation

· Hybrid work environments and schedules

· Skill-based hiring

· Multiple generations in the Workforce (i.e., life longevity means multiple and long careers)

· Corona Virus Pandemic (e.g. the new normal, mandatory vaccinations) 

· Closing the skills gap

· Modernizing employment-based immigration

· Creating organizational cultures that prevent workplace harassment and bullying

· Improving the employee experience (i.e. employee engagement)

· Use of artificial intelligence; fostering the relationship between workers and robots

· Creating flexible work schedules and environments

· Taking a stand on social issues, i.e., employer/employee activism

· Investing in mental health and wellbeing of employees

· Addressing the loneliness of remote workers

· Upskilling the workforce

· Focusing on soft skills

· Preparing for Generation Z in the workforce

· Preventing employee burnout

· Helping managers to manage (i.e. how HR can help managers manage)

· Holistic HR

· People Analytics to Analytics for the People

· Increase States' Acceptance of Recreational Cannabis Use

Write an 8-10 page research paper in APA format, 7th edition ( excluding the title page and reference pages) on your chosen topic. You are to create an analytical study to evaluate your recommendation, showing and demonstrating a measurable performance impact it would create for the organization. For example, if your intention and recommendation is to reduce turnover and improve performance, then you need to provide both hard and soft data to support your assertions and recommendation, and, in turn, anyone reviewing your report would draw the same conclusions. Whatever topic you choose, make sure that you connect it to "human resources" – whether it is the function, the department, or actual employees.

You will  use a minimum of eight (8) sources, making sure that  at least 80% (6) of your sources are peer-reviewed. You are, of course welcomed to use more.

Grading Rubric: Please ensure that you review the  grading rubric  (select on checkerboard under grade details above) for this assignment carefully, to ensure that you receive the highest possible grade for your work! Read the instructions in detail before beginning this assignment. Please ask questions if necessary.

TurnitIn Information: Your paper will automatically be submitted to TurnitIn when you submit your paper through the "Assignment" section of the classroom. As a guide, the similarity score is the percentage of the assessment of your research paper that directly quotes other sources. It should be no more than 10%. Please note that this refers only to direct quotes within the body of the text and does not include the reference list or cover sheet.  Anything more than 10% will be subject to evaluation and loss of points if plagiarism is detected. If you are concerned or unclear about your submission, please contact me via messages.

Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research. As stated above, include at a minimum of eight (8) supporting references or sources (NOT Wikipedia, unknown, or anonymous sources). Cite all listed references properly in text in accordance with the 7th edition of the APA manual.

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