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Define a goal for your marketing plan and then explore the current ?market trends to propose the most effective pricing, promotion, and ?placement of your product or service. Your plan

Must be 12-15 pages with references the topic is on Adidas training fitness app I have included several milestone papers that will help with this it must include the following;

define a goal for your marketing plan and then explore the current  market trends to propose the most effective pricing, promotion, and  placement of your product or service. Your plan will also include  promotional timelines and a project calendar for implementation and  evaluation of the marketing plan.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your marketing plan:

  1. Introduction: In this section of the project, you  will introduce your chosen product or service from an existing sport  organization as well as the overall goal of your marketing plan for  promoting this product or service. This will include an overview of the  current state of the sport organization and potential opportunities for  the organization.
    1. Provide an overview of your chosen sport  organization and the product or service you have selected to be the  focus of your marketing plan. (Remember that this must be an existing  sport organization, but the product or service may already exist or may  be a new, proposed product or service.)
    2. Introduce the overall goal of your marketing plan, including a brief allusion to the determinants of the plan’s success.
    3. Describe the current state of your chosen sport organization (e.g., popularity, recent events, history, previous marketing initiatives).
    4. Justify how your marketing plan aligns with the mission statement for your sport organization. Support your justification with specific examples.
    5. Briefly describe potential sales and revenue growth opportunities that this marketing plan could help develop for the sport organization.
  2. Target Market Analysis: In this section of the  project, you will analyze your target market to inform your plan for  pricing, placing, and promoting your product or service within the  market.
    1. Explain the current and future trend of the market with  respect to the chosen product or service. In other words, will it be  appropriate to serve the needs of customers in the current and future  market?
    2. Describe the target customers (e.g., age, gender, education, lifestyle, values) for your product or service.
    3. Justify the market research methods that you will  use to retrieve information about the target market and consumers.  Support your justification with research. For example, will you use  primary data (e.g., surveys, focus groups, interviews) or secondary data  (e.g., more general information like SGMA reports or industry reports  from sport business journals)?
    4. Describe the internal market factors (corporate culture, financial state, etc.) that affect your sport organization.
    5. Describe the external market factors (competitors, economy, etc.) that affect your sport organization.
    6. Discuss business data that supports a decision to undertake this marketing plan.
  3. Industry and Organization Factor Analysis: In this  section of the project, you will examine your sport organization by  conducting a SWOT analysis and evaluating the readiness of your  organization to enter the target market of the selected product or  service.
    1. Analyze the current status of the industry related to your sport organization, including needs and business opportunities.
    2. Conduct a SWOT analysis that identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your sport organization.
    3. Explain the readiness of your sport organization to  enter the target market of the product or service. Support your  explanation with examples from your SWOT analysis.
    4. Explain the current economic condition of your sport organization. Support your explanation with examples from your SWOT analysis.
  4. Marketing Strategy: In this section of the project,  you will propose a marketing strategy for the price, placement, and  promotion of your product or service, based on your analyses of the  previous two sections. This is where the key details of your marketing  plan will be communicated to stakeholders. Remember that your strategy  must be supported by your market research.
    1. Product
      1. Describe the key attributes of your sport product  or service that make it a value for consumers. Support your position  with research. Consider the following within your description: What are  the features that are both appealing to consumers and different from  competitors’ products? Why should consumers purchase this product  instead of the competitors’ products?
    2. Price
      1. Analyze the pricing standards of the industry for comparable products or services.
      2. Propose a pricing structure for your product or service. Justify the pricing based on your analysis of comparable products or services.
    3. Place
      1. Analyze the current distribution channels for comparable products or services, including the prominence of online buying within the industry.
      2. Propose a placement and distribution structure for your product or service. Justify the structure based on your analysis of current distribution channels within the industry.
    4. Promotion
      1. Propose a high-level promotion and advertising strategy for  your product or service, including how you plan to attract new  customers and retain existing customers. Support your strategy with  specific examples.
      2. Explain what social media campaigns will be part of your strategy. Justify your strategy with research.
      3. Explain what promotional events will be part of your strategy. Justify your strategy with research.
      4. Explain what sponsorship activation will be part of your strategy and how this will be communicated to potential customers. Justify your strategy with research.
      5. Create a sample timeline of promotional events for  the first three months of launching the product or service, including an  explanation of how these events will be communicated to potential  customers.
  5. Implementation and Evaluation: In this section of  the project, you will develop a project calendar for implementation of  your plan and decide how you will determine the plan’s success and when  evaluations of the plan will take place.
    1. Develop a project calendar for launching the  product or service, including key tasks involved in implementing the  marketing plan, person(s) responsible for each task, and anticipated  time frame for each task.
    2. Explain the determinants of success of the  marketing plan. In other words, how will you determine that the goals of  the marketing plan have been met? Support your explanation with  specific examples.
    3. Explain when initial and ongoing evaluations of the marketing plan will take place.
    4. Explain any contingencies or alterations to the  plan in the event of negative publicity or in the event of not having  accomplished your goal at the time of an evaluation of the plan.


Milestone One

Milestone One

Will Hoekwater Southern New Hampshire University SPT-608 Dr. Thomas Wilkins

The Adidas Performance Training App is a technologically advanced digital product by the renowned sports organization Adidas. The principal objective of this marketing strategy is to enhance the visibility of the application and stimulate user acquisition and involvement. Adidas is a globally recognized sportswear corporation with a prominent brand identity and a record of introducing groundbreaking merchandise. Nevertheless, within the realm of digital platforms, numerous prospects exist for the organization to enhance its market presence and leverage the growing desire for mobile applications focused on fitness. Adidas seeks to optimize its brand visibility within the digital training domain, expand its user demographic, and capitalize on potential avenues for sales and revenue growth by strategically utilizing the app's various features and functionalities.

One of the world's largest sportswear firms is Adidas. Adidas has pioneered the industry with its creative goods, high quality, and recognizable branding since 1949. The company sells footwear, clothes, and accessories for many sports and hobbies. The Adidas Performance Training App meets the changing demands of athletes and fitness lovers (Ferrell et al., 2021). This smartphone app lets users get tailored fitness routines, monitoring, and unique content. Users may choose programs targeted to their hobbies and fitness objectives in the app's many sports and disciplines.

Users may get expert training advice, monitor their progress, and improve their routines using the Adidas Performance Training App. The app provides a tailored and immersive training experience using artificial intelligence and personalized suggestions (K, 2020). It blends Adidas' experience in sportswear and performance with the ease and accessibility of digital platforms to allow individuals to train like athletes at home or their favorite training places. In this marketing plan, Adidas seeks to establish itself as a leader in digital training by concentrating on the Adidas Performance Training App and utilizing its brand recognition and technology breakthroughs to attract more users and increase app engagement.

The Adidas Performance Training App's uptake and engagement are this marketing plan's main objectives. The approach intends to raise awareness of the app's features and advantages, attract more users, and promote active and continued use (Ferrell et al., 2021). Through attaining these goals, Adidas hopes to increase consumer loyalty, brand exposure in digital training, and sales and revenue growth.

Several factors will determine this marketing plan's effectiveness. First, app promotion and marketing will be vital. To reach the target population, the approach will concentrate on appealing messages and using social media, influencers, and targeted ads (Li, 2022). Second, the app's user experience and usability will influence user adoption and engagement. Ensuring the software is straightforward, user-friendly, and provides a smooth training experience will increase user happiness and retention.

Relevant and valuable app content is also crucial. To give users important resources and incentives to keep using the app, the strategy will focus on creating high-quality training programs, unique content, and relationships with famous athletes and fitness professionals (K, 2020). Finally, user data and input may be monitored and analyzed to enhance the app and marketing strategy. Key indicators like app downloads, user retention rates, and customer feedback may help improve marketing efforts.

Adidas is a multinational sports brand with a great reputation. The company's creative apparel, cutting-edge designs, and sponsorship ties with top athletes are well-known. Adidas is a market leader in soccer, running, basketball, and lifestyle wear. In recent years, Adidas has grown and succeeded (Li, 2022). The company has expanded globally by tapping into developing markets. Adidas also uses eco-friendly materials and production methods to appeal to environmentally aware clients.

Adidas has participated in high-profile events and partnerships to retain its market presence. Adidas has successfully created engaging marketing campaigns for its target demographic (Li, 2022). Adidas' memorable advertisements and social media activations have engaged people and promoted its goods. Adidas has used social media influencers, viral campaigns, and interactive experiences to engage customers.

Adidas' mission statement emphasizes its worldwide leadership in sportswear. Mission statement: "To be the best sports company in the world, with the best products for athletes, driven by a culture of sport, innovation, and sustainability."

Adidas' mission statement reflects its commitment to excellence and serving athletes globally. Adidas strives to be the premier sports business, offering exceptional goods and experiences to athletes of all levels (K, 2020). The mission statement promotes athletics, innovation, and sustainable culture. According to the organization, sports promote health, personal development, and community participation. Adidas shows its dedication to athletes and sports by adopting a sport-centric culture.

Adidas prioritizes innovation. The sports sector is changing; thus, the company develops new goods, technology, and solutions to improve athletic performance. Adidas provides athletes with cutting-edge gear and clothing, embracing materials, design, and technological advances. The mission statement also emphasizes Adidas' environmental responsibilities. The company creates items with the environment and future in mind. Adidas shows its commitment to a greener sportswear sector by adopting sustainable methods.

Adidas Performance Training App marketing might boost sales and income for the sports business. Adidas may sell premium fitness programs, unique goods, and in-app purchases via app sales. The approach intends to increase app-based sales and income by improving user adoption and engagement (K, 2020). Second, the app's data-driven marketing allows product suggestions and targeted promotions. Adidas can improve marketing and sales by evaluating user data. This data-driven method may boost income by improving marketing and promoting Adidas' whole product line.

Third, relationships may benefit fitness influencers, sports teams, and professional players. Co-branded items, unique content, and collaborative promotion may increase app use and revenue. In-app advertising agreements with relevant brands and enterprises may also produce cash (Ferrell et al., 2021). Finally, the marketing strategy allows market growth by targeting new client categories and entering new geographic areas. This expansion may boost sales and diversify income. Adidas can lead digital training and win new markets with the app's success, delivering sustained revenue growth.

In conclusion, the Adidas Performance Training App marketing approach is promising for sport organization sales and revenue development. Adidas can expand its user base by concentrating on app-based sales, data-driven marketing, partnerships and collaborations, in-app advertising, and global development. To boost user uptake and engagement, the approach uses the app's features, brand reputation, and technology. The plan's marketing methods may boost Adidas' digital training leadership and clothing success by increasing income.


Ferrell, O. C., Hartline, M., & Hochstein, B. W. (2021). Marketing strategy. Cengage Learning.

K, M. (2020, December 28). Fitness review – Adidas training app delivers on sweat and ease – Ask that fit girl. Ask That Fit Girl.

Li, H. (2022, April). Research on How Products and Marketing Strategy Affect Nike and Adidas Market Shares. In  2022 International Conference on Creative Industry and Knowledge Economy (CIKE 2022) (pp. 197-202). Atlantis Press.



Milestone 2

Will Hoekwater Southern New Hampshire University SPT-608 Dr. Thomas Wilkins

The Adidas Performance Training App represents a cutting-edge digital platform tailored to meet the evolving demands of fitness enthusiasts and athletes seeking personalized training and performance-tracking solutions. In this milestone, we analyze the app's target market in-depth and evaluate crucial industry and organization factors to devise an effective marketing plan encompassing pricing, placement, and promotion strategies. The success of any marketing initiative heavily relies on understanding the market trends and target customers. Therefore, this report delves into the current and future trends of the fitness app market, identifying the ideal customer profile based on demographics, lifestyle, and values. Furthermore, we justify adopting specific market research methods to gather valuable insights from primary and secondary data sources. Additionally, we assess internal market factors, such as corporate culture and financial standing, which influence Adidas as a sports organization, and external market factors, including competition and economic conditions, which impact its potential market entry. Finally, through a SWOT analysis, we evaluate the organization's readiness to launch the Adidas Performance Training App, leveraging the company's strengths while addressing any weaknesses and threats, ultimately ensuring a successful market penetration strategy.

Target Market Analysis

The Adidas Performance Training App enters a competitive industry with rising demand for digital fitness solutions. The fitness app business is moving toward individualized training and performance monitoring. The app's capacity to meet specific fitness objectives fits the trend of consumers wanting simplicity and flexibility in their workouts (Carmely, 2023). As the health and wellness business grows, fitness applications' future seems bright. Health-conscious people and smartphone use will increase demand for fitness applications like the Adidas Performance Training App, making it suitable for present and future consumers.

The Adidas Performance Training App targets active 18-45-year-olds. Amateur athletes wanting to improve and fitness enthusiasts devoted to a healthy lifestyle make up this population. Personalized training programs on the app are ideal for anyone seeking effective workouts suited to their goals and fitness levels (Carmely, 2023). Target clients are tech-savvy and want creative digital solutions. Fitness is their lifestyle, and they desire simplicity, adaptability, and concrete outcomes in training.

Primary and secondary market research will gather vital consumer and target market data. Surveys and focus groups will allow direct connection with prospective users, revealing their preferences, pain spots, and fitness app expectations. Interviews with fitness experts and athletes may also reveal training demands (Carmely, 2023). Secondary data from trustworthy sources like SGMA reports and sports business journal industry studies will supplement primary data by offering further insights into market trends, competition analyses, and industry advancements.

Multiple internal market considerations affect Adidas as a sports corporation and the Performance Training App. The app's development and marketing benefit from the company's innovative culture and sports industry competence (Carmely, 2023). Adidas's solid finances allow them to spend on app development, marketing initiatives, and regular upgrades to stay competitive. The company's sportswear and exercise equipment experience helps it enter the digital fitness market.

Adidas confronts external market factors that might affect its fitness app performance in the competitive industry. Key rivals like Nike Training Club and MyFitnessPal make market share acquisition difficult (K, 2020). The app's unique selling factors and affiliation with Adidas will be crucial to recruiting and maintaining subscribers. Economic factors like consumer spending and disposable income may also affect fitness app demand. However, the fitness and wellness industry's development and fitness app acceptance signal good market circumstances for the app's debut and expansion.

Relevant company data supports this marketing approach. Adidas has a worldwide brand and a significant sports and fitness business client base. Financial data shows stability and the capacity to invest in new projects like the Performance Training App. Industry research estimates show a rising need for fitness applications and digital fitness solutions, making it a good opportunity to join the industry. Adidas is ready to debut and dominate the fitness app industry with the Performance Training App by using its strengths, fixing shortcomings, and taking advantage of market possibilities.

Industry and Organization Factor Analysis

The fitness app market share is competitive, with several established vendors. The contemporary industry offers Adidas tremendous economic potential with its Performance Training App. The desire for digital fitness solutions, individualized training programs, and performance monitoring systems drives market development (K, 2020). Adidas can capitalize on this lucrative market by using its brand awareness and sports expertise to tap into consumers' health and wellness obsession, which has increased app use. SWOT analysis helps organizations evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats.


Adidas has a worldwide sports and fitness background. Quality, originality, and performance make it a good fitness app company (Bush, 2020). Adidas' strong distribution network gives the Performance Training App a large audience.


Adidas may struggle to compete in the fitness app industry. Established companies have a large market share; therefore, Adidas must distinguish its app and provide new features that appeal to the target population. To meet user expectations and technology advances, app updates and maintenance are another problem.


Adidas has various chances to use its brand reputation to succeed in the fitness app industry. Adidas can use its client base and brand loyalty to promote the Performance Training App and provide personalized exercise programs (K, 2020). Adidas may also reach more fitness fanatics and health-conscious people due to the rising demand for fitness applications and health and well-being.


Adidas faces stiff competition from Nike Training Club, MyFitnessPal, and Fitbit. These rivals have devoted customers and brand awareness. Adidas must also alter its marketing approach to economic uncertainty and consumer spending changes that may affect fitness app demand (Bush, 2020). Adidas' SWOT analysis shows its willingness to join the Performance Training App industry. The company's strong brand recognition, substantial sports industry expertise, and worldwide distribution channels support the app's launch and promotion. Adidas can distinguish its app and attract many users by using these features.

Adidas must aggressively address its vulnerabilities and threats to enter the market. The company should spend ongoing R&D to keep the app current with fitness trends and customer preferences (Bush, 2020). Adidas may get a competitive advantage by delivering unique features and experiences. Adidas' financial stability and worldwide market reach make the Performance Training App launch ideal. Consumer spending on fitness applications has remained stable despite economic uncertainty. Rising digital fitness use and at-home exercises show the market's growth potential, particularly during the pandemic.

In conclusion, the thorough examination of the Target Market Analysis and Industry and Organization Factor Analysis highlights the significant potential of the Adidas Performance Training App within the dynamic fitness app market. The application's emphasis on individualized training and performance monitoring is in complete accordance with the prevailing and forthcoming patterns in the field, catering to individuals who prioritize their well-being and desire convenience and tailored experiences. Adidas possesses the potential to exert a substantial influence by capitalizing on its established brand reputation and expansive global reach, targeting a specific audience comprising technologically adept fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The SWOT analysis elucidates the inherent strengths and opportunities of Adidas, thereby conferring upon the company a distinct competitive edge while simultaneously recognizing potential challenges that may arise. In general, the analysis substantiates the preparedness of Adidas to enter and prosper in the designated market effectively.


K, M. (2020, December 28). Fitness review – Adidas training app delivers on sweat and ease – Ask that fit girl. Ask That Fit Girl.

Carmely, M. (2023, June). Adidas Target Market Analysis & Consumer Demographics. – A Mobile Marketing and Audience Platform.

Bush, T. (2020, May). SWOT analysis of Adidas proves it’s a powerful brand. PESTLE Analysis.



Milestone Three

Milestone Three

Will Hoekwater Southern New Hampshire University SPT-608 Dr. Thomas Wilkins

In an era of technological advancement and a growing emphasis on health and fitness, the advent of digital solutions that cater to personalized training and performance tracking has revolutionized how individuals approach their well-being. The Adidas Performance Training App is a testament to this transformative shift, offering users an innovative platform that seamlessly melds Adidas' sportswear expertise prowess with cutting-edge digital technology. As the fitness app market experiences unprecedented growth, this paper outlines a comprehensive marketing strategy, encapsulating price, placement, and promotion. Grounded in the insights garnered from meticulous market analysis and a deep understanding of the app's unique attributes, this strategy is designed to capture the target audience's attention and establish The Adidas Performance Training App as a formidable contender in the competitive landscape. Through a strategic blend of tailored pricing structures, expansive distribution avenues, and engaging promotional campaigns, Adidas is poised to propel the app toward market prominence, cater to evolving consumer demands, and ultimately foster a new era of personalized fitness experiences.


The Adidas Performance Training App offers a plethora of critical attributes that distinguish it as a value proposition for consumers. The app's personalization feature is a cornerstone, tailoring fitness routines to users' unique goals, preferences, and fitness levels. Unlike generic workout apps, this personalization taps into users' needs, elevating their training experience (Ferrell et al., 2021). Integrating Adidas' sportswear expertise into the app creates an immersive experience, allowing users to feel like athletes regardless of location. This blending of sportswear and technology bridges the gap between physical and digital realms, appealing to tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts seeking engaging workouts.

Moreover, the app's artificial intelligence-driven progress tracking empowers users to monitor their advancements accurately while incorporating celebrity endorsements, lending it an aura of authenticity and credibility (Carmely, 2023). These attributes collectively make the app stand out from its competitors and create a compelling reason for consumers to choose it over other alternatives.


The pricing structure for The Adidas Performance Training App takes into account industry standards and the distinctive features it offers. Research into the fitness app market reveals that subscription-based models are prevalent among similar products. To cater to a broad spectrum of users, the proposed pricing structure comprises two tiers:

The first tier involves a free version, allowing users access to basic features and a limited selection of training programs. This free offering serves as an entry point, drawing users into the app's ecosystem and showcasing its value (Carmely, 2023). Subsequently, users can be upsold to the premium subscription tier, which provides various benefits, including unlimited access to all training programs, exclusive content, and personalized coaching. Priced at $9.99 monthly, this premium tier reflects the app's unique value proposition and differentiates it from competitors.


Fitness app distribution channels have evolved with the digital age, making online platforms the primary medium for reaching consumers. Additionally, the app's prominence will be accentuated through its presence on Adidas' official online store (Ferrell et al., 2021). Leveraging the brand's strong reputation and credibility, this placement enhances the app's visibility among Adidas' existing customer base and attracts potential users who value quality and performance. Collaborative partnerships with smart device manufacturers and wearables can expand the app's reach by pre-installing it on these devices. This approach capitalizes on the growing trend of wearables' integration into fitness routines.


A well-crafted promotional and advertising strategy is essential to introduce The Adidas Performance Training App to the target audience, generate initial interest, and drive sustained engagement. Social media campaigns will be pivotal, leveraging Adidas' extensive social media following and influence (Li, 2022). Targeted ads, influencer collaborations, and engaging content will highlight the app's unique features, personalization capabilities, and benefits. This approach taps into users' affinity for social media platforms and encourages organic sharing and engagement.

In addition to social media campaigns, promotional events will be organized to foster user engagement. Virtual fitness challenges, webinars, and live Q&A sessions featuring athletes and trainers will provide value-added content and insights, keeping users engaged and informed about the app's offerings. Sponsorship activation constitutes another integral aspect of the promotion strategy (K, 2020). Collaborating with prominent sports events, such as marathons and competitions, enables the app to be showcased to a broader audience, associating it with athleticism and wellness. This approach provides a unique opportunity for potential customers to experience the app's benefits firsthand.

Sample Timeline of Promotional Events

Month 1: Launch campaign with teasers on social media platforms, influencer endorsements, and a limited-time free premium trial to encourage user acquisition.

Month 2: Organize a virtual fitness challenge that encourages users to engage with the app actively. Exclusive rewards for app users participating in the challenge will drive motivation and promote word-of-mouth marketing.

Month 3: Establish collaborations with major sports events to increase visibility. Utilize signage, merchandise, and digital promotions to communicate the app's association with athleticism and wellness.

This sample timeline ensures steady engagement activities during the crucial first three months post-launch, capitalizing on users' initial excitement and interest in the app.

In conclusion, the proposed marketing strategy for The Adidas Performance Training App rests on a solid foundation of comprehensive analyses and insights. The product's unique attributes, competitive pricing, strategic placement, and engaging promotion tactics collectively position it for success in the dynamic fitness app market. By leveraging its strengths, addressing potential weaknesses, and capitalizing on opportunities, Adidas is poised to establish The Adidas Performance Training App as a leader in the digital fitness training domain.


Ferrell, O. C., Hartline, M., & Hochstein, B. W. (2021). Marketing strategy. Cengage Learning.

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Carmely, M. (2023, June). Adidas Target Market Analysis & Consumer Demographics. – A Mobile Marketing and Audience Platform.

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