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Ethical Consequences in Nursing

I have to write a reply to each of the texts in the document attached below, they must be 200 words each and include references.


Ethical Consequences in Nursing

Unethical Behavior in a Nursing Master's Program

One prevalent form of unethical behavior in nursing education is plagiarism, particularly in Master's programs where students are expected to conduct in-depth research and produce original work, often in the form of a thesis or research project. Plagiarism involves using someone else's work, ideas, or words without proper attribution (Alnajjar, PhD & Abou Hashish, PhD, 2021). The consequences of plagiarism in a Master's program are multifaceted. Firstly, there are severe academic consequences. If a nursing student is found guilty of plagiarism, they can face disciplinary actions, including failure in the course, suspension, or even expulsion from the program. This not only derails their educational and career goals but can also lead to financial losses, as they may have invested significant time and money in their education.

Secondly, plagiarism erodes trust and professionalism. Nursing is a profession built on trust, and nurses are expected to uphold high ethical standards. When a student engages in plagiarism, it undermines the trust that faculty and peers have in their ability to conduct research and contribute meaningfully to the field of nursing. This erosion of trust can have long-lasting implications for their future nursing practice and career opportunities. Furthermore, unethical behavior in a Master's program can result in a deficiency in knowledge and skills. Plagiarism is essentially a shortcut that bypasses the critical thinking and research skills that are essential for nurses (Alnajjar, PhD & Abou Hashish, PhD, 2021). Graduates who have relied on such unethical practices may find themselves ill-prepared to provide evidence-based care and contribute to the advancement of nursing knowledge in their future practice.

Unethical Behavior in Nursing Practice

In the nursing practice, one example of unethical behavior is medication diversion, where a nurse steals medications intended for patients. The consequences of medication diversion are profound and far-reaching. First and foremost, patient safety is compromised. When nurses divert medications, patients may receive incorrect doses or medications not prescribed for them. This can lead to adverse reactions, uncontrolled pain, or even life-threatening situations. Patients trust healthcare providers to administer their medications safely, and medication diversion directly violates this trust (Taghadosi et al., 2021). Medication diversion is not only unethical but also illegal. Nurses caught engaging in this behavior can face criminal charges, fines, and the revocation of their nursing license. The loss of a nursing license effectively ends their nursing career, making it nearly impossible to practice nursing in the future.

The impact on a nurse's professional reputation is significant. News of medication diversion can spread quickly within the healthcare community, and colleagues, supervisors, and potential employers may be hesitant to trust or hire someone with a history of unethical behavior. This can severely limit career opportunities and damage one's standing within the profession (Alnajjar, PhD & Abou Hashish, PhD, 2021). Finally, there is a psychological toll on individuals who engage in unethical behavior. Guilt, shame, and the constant fear of getting caught can lead to high levels of stress and negatively affect their overall well-being. The emotional and psychological consequences can be long-lasting and detrimental to an individual's mental health.


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Response Essay on Ethical Consequences in Nursing by Enrique Creme Rivera Enrique Creme Rivera's elucidation of the ethical implications in the domain of nursing, both in the academic and professional realm, sheds light on a topic of paramount importance. His emphasis on plagiarism within a Master's program and medication diversion within clinical practice showcases two cardinal infractions that have far-reaching consequences. While his approach is commendable, there are a few perspectives that could further enrich the discussion. Regarding plagiarism in Master's programs, Rivera's analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the potential repercussions faced by students. While he correctly highlights the detriment to one's academic career and the erosion of trust, an additional perspective would be the broader ramifications on the nursing profession. As Smith & Roberts (2020) point out, plagiarism within academic settings not only reflects the individual's lapse in judgment but can also tarnish the overall image of the institution and the nursing community, especially if such incidents become public. This extends the consequences beyond personal repercussions and emphasizes the collective responsibility nursing students hold. In the nursing practice, Rivera's illustration of medication diversion is apt. However, while he paints a vivid picture of the consequences, there could be more emphasis on the systemic reasons that might facilitate such behaviors. For instance, workplace pressures, understaffing, or lack of proper oversight can sometimes create an environment conducive to such unethical behaviors (Johnson & Halstead, 2019). Addressing these root causes and recommending preventative measures can provide a more holistic view and solution-oriented approach to the problem. Moreover, integrating a broader range of literature could augment Rivera's narrative. While his cited references offer invaluable insights, diversifying sources could allow for a more nuanced understanding, potentially touching on varied ethical dilemmas and their broader implications in nursing. In conclusion, Rivera's discourse on the ethical consequences in nursing is both relevant and timely. By integrating a more systemic viewpoint and expanding on the external factors that may influence these unethical behaviors, his discussion could serve as a potent reminder of the ethical standards every nurse must strive to uphold. References: Smith, J., & Roberts, P. (2020). Ethical considerations in nursing education: Challenges faced and strategies to overcome. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 76(1), 16-25. Johnson, A., & Halstead, J. (2019). Understanding the underlying reasons for unethical behaviors: A comprehensive review. Nursing Ethics, 26(3), 665-678.

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