Chat with us, powered by LiveChat In this  activity you will respond to seven specific issues that determine your  governing principles (the set of beliefs or generalized guidelines that  help you make decisions when | Wridemy

In this  activity you will respond to seven specific issues that determine your  governing principles (the set of beliefs or generalized guidelines that  help you make decisions when

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 In this  activity you will respond to seven specific issues that determine your  governing principles (the set of beliefs or generalized guidelines that  help you make decisions when coaching). Although some of your coaching  principles may already be well established in your mind, others are more  malleable. The goal of the activity is not to point out right or wrong  answers but to make you more aware of the principles that you now hold.  For each of the following seven issues (check the attachment section),  carefully consider the two positions presented and then indicate which  position you agree with. For each response, you will write a rationale  for the position you took. Each response should be between 150-200 words  written in paragraph format. Please be specific with your  responses and provide examples when applicable.  After you have responded to all 7 issues, add at least one additional  issue you can think of that coaches commonly face and provide the  position you would take on this issue. 

Issue 1: Winning Versus Participation

Top of Form

Deciding who gets to play in every contest is one of your toughest decisions. Do you play the best players because you believe that they have earned the right to play and because playing them increases the team's chances of winning, or do you believe that everyone who is a member of the team should get to play in contests?

· image1.wmf Position A: Teaching young people to win—to pursue excellence—by committing themselves to mastering the skills is the goal of sports and my coaching. The best players will play most of the time, with other players getting to participate when winning is secured.

· image2.wmf Position B: Whether the team wins or loses is far less important than my players' participation in the contest. By playing, regardless of winning or losing, they will not only have fun but also learn valuable lessons that will benefit them throughout their lives.

· image3.wmf Alternate Position: Comments:

Issue 2: Athlete Centered Versus Coach Centered

Athlete-centered coaches involve their athletes in making decisions about team goals and season activities, whereas coach-centered coaches believe that they know what is best and that as the leader of the team they have the right and responsibility to make all decisions.

· image4.wmf Position A: I like to share the decision making with my athletes to the extent that they are prepared to make such decisions. The team is theirs, too, and sharing the decision making increases their commitment to the team.

· image5.wmf Position B: I know what is best for my athletes, and they can learn more if I make the decisions necessary to be successful.

· image6.wmf Alternate Position:

Issue 3: Ends Versus Means

You'll often have to make judgments regarding ethical issues when you coach. To what extent do you believe that the end justifies the means in achieving success as a coach?

· image7.wmf Position A: Although I won't break the rules as a coach, I'll stretch them, find ways around them, and do whatever it takes within the letter of the rules to produce a winning team.

· image8.wmf Position B: I'm aware not only of the letter of the rules but the spirit of the rules, and although I want a winning team, coaching ethically is more important to me.

· image9.wmf Alternate Position:

Issue 4: Family Versus Sport

Coaching is a time-demanding profession. You will most likely have to choose at times between commitments to your family and to the sport you coach.

· image10.wmf Position A: My family always comes first.

· image11.wmf Position B: During the season the demands of coaching require me to give the team more time than I give to my family, but after the season I'll give my family more time. And, of course, a problem or emergency at home is always my first priority.

· image12.wmf Alternate Position:

Issue 5: Quantity Versus Quality

Coaches differ in their views about the amount of time devoted to practice and the number of contests in which they compete. As a coach, do you emphasize quantity or quality?

· image13.wmf Position A: Excellence results from hard work. You can't practice too much, and the more games we play, the better we'll be.

· image14.wmf Position B: Well-organized, efficient practices that focus not just on repetition of the skill but on mastering it through carefully designed drills is far better than practicing too much. We get more done in less time, and the athletes don't get burned out.

· image15.wmf Alternate Position:

Issue 6: Coach Versus Guardian

As the coach of your athletes, do you think that it is your responsibility to be their mentor only when participating in the sport, or do you also try to serve in that role outside of sport?

· image16.wmf Position A: I'm responsible for helping my athletes both on and off the field (court, track, pool, and so on). That's why we have team policies with regard to their behavior not only when they are involved in the sport but also when they are in school and elsewhere.

· image17.wmf Position B: I'm their coach, not their guardian. I'm responsible for my athletes during their participation on my team. Although I certainly will help counsel my athletes on issues outside of sport, it is not my role or place to set rules about their behavior outside of sport or to be responsible for their actions.

· image18.wmf Alternate Position:

Issue 7: Sport for All Versus Sport for the Gifted

Many coaches face the decision of whether to keep all players that come out for the team or cut the less gifted players to limit the size of the team. (Sometimes the coach may not make this decision; a policy of the school or sport organization may set a limit on team size. At other times coaches may have to cut players because of limited facilities, equipment, or coaching staff.) If the decision is within your control as a coach, what is your position on eliminating the less gifted players?

· image19.wmf Position A: I will find a place for every young person who wants to be a member of my team.

· image20.wmf Position B: Sport at this level is for the gifted athlete. My assistant coaches and I (if applicable) can only coach so many players effectively, and thus I will cut players who lack sufficient ability. Those players who are cut can find opportunities to play in intramural and community recreational sport programs.

· image21.wmf Alternate Position:

Additional Issues

You will certainly face many other sports issues as a coach. Begin noting these as you experience them, add them to this list, and write down your position in addressing each type of issue. Can you think of any other major principles now? If so, record your position on these issues in the space provided.

· Additional Coaching Principles:

Remember that the principles you just identified are predetermined modes of action, or rules concerning how you'll make judgments and decisions. Some of the decisions may become policies. Many coaches develop team policy manuals and give them to their players, assistant coaches, and parents. The policies you set should be congruent with the objectives and principles you've identified in this activity, and you should refine and expand them as you continue coaching.






















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