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Please answer each question in a complete paragraph followed by a reference. Please respond to each question separately. All questions need to be answered in full complete sentences a

  Please answer each question in a complete paragraph followed by a reference. Please respond to each question separately. All questions need to be answered in full complete sentences and in full paragraphs


What is meant by communicating termed as code switching or style switching? 


Your request to attend code development hearings has been denied based on the city manager’s belief that the potential benefit does not justify the expense. Aside from the ability to vote on codes changes, what are the benefits of attending national code hearings?

Please read the following article to help shape your thoughts and ideas: The Impact of Building Codes Changes onf Fire Service Safety


It is September and you are the teacher of a preschool classroom that includes 10 children, from 6 different countries, speaking 5 different languages.  How will you work with your students to begin bringing them together while helping them to respect each other's differences?  How will you accomplish the educational goals that you must meet for the year? Treat this scenario as an opportunity and not a problem.


Nathanial Roberts has been named the head of a small corporation’s data entry division, which includes the maintenance of the corporation’s financial accounting records. When Nathanial begins his job, the division has five employees doing work that, based on industry standards, should be handled by at least six people. They also use outdated computers powered by software that became obsolete over five years ago.

Nathanial does an assessment of the division’s work and determines that if the corporation updates the computers and software, the five employees can complete their work twenty percent faster. The corporation’s budget will not provide for updating technology and hiring a sixth employee, but Nathanial negotiates with a local community college to begin an internship program. By using interns to do some of the less complicated work assigned to the division, the five permanent employees can focus their efforts on the more complex work, accomplishing more work per day. The interns benefit because they obtain entry level work experience as well as college credit.

Initially, Nathanial focuses on the changes that must be made to increase the division’s efficiency and effectiveness. He interacts with his staff only as much as needed to keep the work moving forward. His primary concern is to reorganize the division and ensure the work is being done appropriately. He is very task oriented.

Once the changes are implemented, Nathanial begins to focus more on his staff, including the interns. He takes the time to learn who they are, why they are working for the corporation, and what goals and objectives they have, both personally and professionally, as they continue their careers. The division’s productivity increases by thirty percent, even more than Nathanial had predicted. Also, as the division’s productivity increases, the corporation sees an increase in revenues because the division is keeping better records and collecting more accounts receivables. The corporation’s CEO is pleased and hails Nathanial as one of the corporation’s best leaders.

1. From the behavioral perspective, how would you describe Nathanial’s leadership?

2. How did his behavior change over time?

3. In general, do you think he is more task oriented or more relationship oriented?

4. What score do you think he would get on Blake and Mouton’s grid?


provide examples of how sportsmanship is displayed in sport. Do you feel that it is a coach’s responsibility to teach sportsmanship? Then, identify at least one coach and one professional athlete you have observed demonstrating good or bad character and sportsmanship. Point to specific actions that caused you to think that this coach and athlete possessed positive or negative character traits. Describe specific character traits exemplified by these actions. Then, develop a list of 5-7 important character traits you want to always exhibit as a coach and that you want your players to exhibit.


The Scenario – You have been chosen by your CEO to prepare a brief or letter for your company to explain the changes that the organization will be experiencing. The CEO chose you because you are known to have your finger on the pulse of the workers and embrace technology. He wants you to reassure the workforce of the coming changes.  


The CEO told you that he has heard numerous rumors of low morale, employees looking for new jobs, possible strikes (your workers are union) and even threatening comments. Your company is ELO Transportation, a small local company that takes normal gasoline engine vehicles and transforms them into electric-powered vehicles. Your company so far has transformed a few buses, garbage trucks, tow trucks, and numerous other vehicles for your community (a town of 100,000 people) however, with automation, machine learning, and AI the company is looking to launch nationwide. This will happen in the next two years.  


A large percentage of your workforce are older workers and are really concerned about learning new technology and losing their job to "dumb machines"!



present an argument for the notion that there is a natural law humans can follow to determine the right things to do in most cases or that such a law does not exist or is exaggerated. Be sure to address the differences in beliefs about morality


You are offered a job at XYZ Corp. A friend emails you an article indicating the company has been funding questionable research that may be causing irreparable damage to a specific ecosystem. You notice in the Offer Letter that you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement stating if you leave for any reason, you will be barred from working for a similar company for one year. Do you take the job, why or why not? Be sure to use one or more moral theories to justify your decision (e.g., "Because I am a utilitarian seeking the greater good I would…" "Following Ross's Prima Facie duties, specifically beneficence and non-maleficence, I would…")


1. Are ethical theories relevant for ethical leadership? Explain.

2. How should a police officer respond if the officer witnesses the unethical behavior of another officer?


How does an investigator prepare for an interview or interrogation? Are there differences?

2) Find a state supreme court or state appeals case from your state in which a conviction of a defendant from a lower court was overturned due to improper police tactics during an interrogation. Discuss and properly list the website.


In what way(s), should a manger be held accountable for both his/her private and public actions?  Discuss your stance.


Find an acritical on consumer health insurance plans and identify the top 5 most significant trends related to voluntary healthcare insurance plans today. Please explain and discuss why these trends are significance.

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