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Mystery Case Study

12476Mystery Case Study Written Assignment (15 points) with Presentation (10 points) by Voice Thread (total of 25 points)
The Mystery Case Study Written Assignment and Power Point Presentation will be submitted online with a verbal presentation via Voice Thread.
The Mystery Case Study assignment will partially fulfill the following Course Objectives:
1. To evaluate overall understanding of course content.
2. To evaluate overall understanding of laboratory practice.
3. To assess ability to demonstrate physical examination techniques practiced throughout the course.
The Mystery Case Study Assignment has two parts:
1. 10 to 15-minute presentation by Voice Thread using the PPT template found in Module 7 (Worth 10 points)
a. Verbally presents the case study using Voice Thread (Which is the PPT presentation.)
b. Submits the PPT template via the assignment link

2. Submits the Mystery Case Study Written Assignment through the Assignment link in Module 7 in Blackboard (worth 15 points)

Mystery Case Study Written Assignment and Presentation Guidelines:
See the Written and Presentation Assignment links in Blackboard for the grading rubrics. Click on the Mystery Case Study VoiceThread link to create and submit the VoiceThread presentation. Be sure there is sound, and the verbal presentation is synced to the PowerPoint slides.

Part 1: Written Criteria for Mystery Case Study

Please select a Medical Diagnosis (34year old French Female with hypertension) that has not already been selected by a classmate for your Mystery Case Study assignment during the first week of class. This may be found in Module 1, linked to the Mystery Case Study Wiki page.

This assignment will be performed on a hypothetical patient. (In other words, a made-up patient.) Be sure to include your fictitious patient in the PPT slides and the written paper. You are telling the fictitious patient’s story.

Use the Sample APA Paper template found in the APA and Writing Resource Tab of the course to complete this written assignment. This paper is strictly a guide to formatting papers in APA style. Use the following guidelines to complete all six components of this assignment: (The grading rubric for the written portion can be found at the Assignment link in Module 7.)

I. Record definition of Medical Diagnosis to include pathophysiology

II. Record what a patient history (subjective data) would look like to support your Medical Diagnosis. Be sure to do a complete review of all appropriate systems for your fictitious patient. Reference pages 70-71 in your textbook to ensure you have included a complete review of all appropriate systems. **Don’t forget to include in the patient history, appropriate age, gender and ethnicity data.

III. Identify and record modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors contributing to your Medical Diagnosis. **Don’t forget to include risk factors specific to your patient’s culture.

IV. Using the appropriate body system(s) involved with this Medical Diagnosis, record what physical examination findings would be found if a patient had this Medical Diagnosis. Reference pages 71-73 in your textbook to ensure you have a complete Review of Systems for your Medical Diagnosis. Include subjective and objective information when recording the physical examination. Follow the guidelines listed at the beginning of each chapter titled: “Physical Examination Preview” when performing the physical examination.

V. Identify and record what labs and other diagnostic test would be appropriate for assisting the healthcare provider in identifying this Medical Diagnosis. Give an explanation telling how each lab and diagnostic test would assist the healthcare provider in determining the Medical Diagnosis.

VI. Identify and record discharge teaching in detail, that must be completed for this Medical Diagnosis, in order for the patient to be discharged from the acute care facility to home. Be sure to consider age, gender and ethnicity preference(s) for all aspects of discharge teaching. Also consider the following, home health care, rehabilitation therapy, hospice care, palliative care, etc. when planning the discharge teaching.

**Remember to use APA style when writing your Mystery Case Study Assignment. The paper should be seven (7) to nine (9) pages in length, including the title and reference pages. You must have a minimum of two references. Remember to include in-text citations where appropriate, in the APA style.

Part II: Presentation Criteria for Mystery Case Study

PowerPoint Template: the power point template can be found in Module VII. Be creative, add pictures, charts, diagrams, sounds, whatever helps to re-enforce your presentation topic and adds to the robustness of the presentation.
Grading components of the presentation: (Directions for reviewing rubrics can be found in the Syllabus/Documents on the Blackboard course menu.)

I. Organization of PowerPoint presentation: PowerPoint slides are organized so content flows in a logical pattern.

II. Addresses major components: presentation addresses all six components of the written criteria.

III. Applies course content: application of course content is evident at all times. The presenter demonstrates a deep robust understanding of the content.

IV. Quality of verbal presentation: appropriate grammar and medical terms are used throughout the presentation. Speech is clear and speaks slowly enough to be understood through the entire presentation.

V. Requirements of presentation:
a. Stays within the 10 to 15-minute time period when presenting.
b. Has 8 to 12 Power Point slides.
c. In-text references are included in APA format where appropriate
d. Presentation consist of all categories:
1. One introductory slide
2. One slide for references in APA format
3. One slide to summarizes the key points of the presentation
4. Remaining slides include information about the six components

Please see and follow uploaded file rubric .

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