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Report on the mission, vision, and core values of the company you have chosen.

Report on the mission, vision, and core values of the company you have chosen.

Report on the mission, vision, and core values of the company you have chosen. What are the strengths of the core values? What values are missing, or what values do you think are omitted. Incorporate at least two peer reviewed journal articles into your discussion of the core values. Reflect on your personal core values; what they are and how they guide your behavior.


The Mission, Vision, and Core Values of Acadia Healthcare




Acadia Healthcare’s mission is “to be a world-class organization that sets the standard for excellence in the treatment of mental health and addiction concerns.” The organization strives to retain its position as the top provider of mental healthcare services within the industry. Acadia Healthcare also strives to make its treatments synonymous with exceptional commitment to patients, communities, professional workers, and staff. (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.) The goal is to make their facilities stand out from others through the provision of quality and exceptional care that puts the needs of the patient first.




Acadia Healthcare’ vision is “to promote comprehensive and integrated care to improve the mental well-being of the children, adolescents, and adults we serve.” Core competencies, which include capabilities and resources, allow the organization to maintain its top position through collaboration with investors, patients, and other professionals in the industry (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.). Acadia Healthcare’s vision is manifested through the following:


Sensitivity to and understanding of the patients, as well as their families.

The integrated application and appreciation of up-to-date evidence-based practices of psychoeducation, psychodynamic health care, and psychotherapy.

Cooperation and engagement with the organizations and people who work collaboratively for the benefit of the patient.

Core Values


Acadia Healthcare’s core values include the following:




Diversity and Inclusion, and


The Strengths of the Core Values


Acadia Healthcare’s core values represent the organization’s fundamental driving forces, deeply held beliefs, and highest priorities. They are the heart of what Acadia Health and its employees stand for. Employees at Acadia Healthcare honor and respect everybody. They demonstrate this through the compassion and dignity they show every patient. Additionally, the organization embraces and upholds diversity and inclusion as they believe that diversity plays a vital role in what makes Acadia Healthcare so exceptional (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.). Physicians are always determined to offer quality behavioral care through collaboration in service delivery.


Values Omitted


Some of the values missing at Acadia Healthcare’s core values include integrity, accountability, and fairness. Integrity is a vital core value in a company. Embracing integrity throughout the workplace can foster a positive work environment that upholds open communication, ethical decision making, and healthy relationships (Huberts, 2018). Accountability is also a vital core value in an organization. Accountability in the workplace promotes ownership and engagement as everybody clearly understands what his/her expectations and responsibilities are. Also, accountability increases job satisfaction, enhances employee commitment, and promote better working relationships – all of which contribute to better performance (Han & Hong, 2016). Fairness is also a critical core value. Fair treatment of workers in the organization builds trust, strengthens loyalty, increases productivity, and enhances morale.


Reflection on My Personal Core Values


Some of my personal core values include integrity, honesty, humility, and perseverance. These values guide my behavior every day. They inform my actions, words, and thoughts. This means that the decision and actions I make must honor them. Living by my core values has been critical in my life. This implies being the most authentic version of myself in every facet of my life. Not just at school, not just at work, or with my family members, but in every area that matters to me. When I am not in alignment with my core values, I usually feel guilty. So, I always try to stay true to my values, which has inspired my friends and family to do the same.





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Comment by Professor: Does the company do what they say will do? Do the core values of Acadia represent truely what they do? If so, that’s good

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